harmful effects of herbicides on the environment pdf
Thursday, April 15, 2021 12:45:48 PM

Harmful Effects Of Herbicides On The Environment Pdf

PARAGRAPHDuring the last decades, the scientific community, including government and non-government organizations have increased their interest in detecting and controlling the environmental agents responsible for damages to the human health and sustainability of the ecosystems. This interest has been intensified by the frightening increase on the reports of the anthropogenic action on the environment responsible for damages to the ozone layer, accidental release of wastes and radioactive gases, as well as contamination by pesticides used in agriculture. However, the growth of the human population and of the activities associated with agriculture, industrialization and urbanization have contributed to the depredation of the biodiversity and genetic variability, resulting in the compromise of several species, including man [ 9 ]. After the industrial revolution, a great number of chemical substances have been released into the terrestrial and aquatic environments and in the atmosphere.

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