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Karma And Reincarnation By Paramahansa Yogananda Pdf

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Books by Paramahansa Yogananda (Author of Autobiography of a Yogi)

Karma, death, and reincarnation are fascinating subjects for many of us. The more we understand them, the richer and more meaningful life becomes because we gain the reassurance that all of life is designed to help us move toward our own highest fulfillment.

Join Nayaswami Devarshi and Brahmachari Jemal in this course as they share how we can make the most of every day of the life we have been given by understanding the deeper purpose of existence for every soul. Every action, every thought, reaps its own corresponding rewards. This is the law of karma. If we accept the principle of cause and effect in nature, and of action and reaction in physics, how can we not believe that this natural law extends also to human beings?

Do not humans, too, belong to the natural order? This course is based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, a master of yoga and one who shared these teachings from his inner knowledge of truth.

You can take this course at your own pace starting immediately when you sign up in your private account at Ananda India Online. Nayaswami Devarshi joined Swami Kriyananda in and has been serving Ananda Sangha full time since then.

Service to his guru has taken him all over the world teaching meditation and Kriya Yoga. Brahmachari Jemal has been a part of Ananda India since , leading the Ananda monks here in India for most of that time. He has given lectures and classes throughout India. You just have to be persistent, calm and alert. It is also useful to have positive expectations; to have faith in yourself and in the goodness behind both success and failure. Life is a school. Do your best to past your exams.

It is important to meditate daily, pray for openness to learn the lessons that life gives to you, to bless your work and co-workers and customers, if any , and to be grateful for what you DO have and for as long as you have gainful employment.

Welcome any opportunity and, indeed, seek every opportunity to improve your skills and education in your field. Seek excellence in all that you do and never be satisfied with what you have accomplished but seek to do more and better always.

Encourage others in their work. By these actions and attitudes, you can transform even the dullest and most negative work environment into a heaven of joyful cooperation, making yourself effectively indispensable.

This course offers helpful suggestions on how to work with ourselves in the above mentioned ways. Karma is not meant as punishment. Instead, it is part of the learning process that the soul goes through in its journey to freedom. We have to learn, deeply within ourselves, that we never want to cause pain to another in any way.

Intellectual understanding does not change us in the same way that personal experience does. So, karma will come to us. But what changes is how we experience it. The stronger we are spiritually, the less thrown we are by the karma. The action itself is not as important as the intention behind the action.

The same action if put out with hatred will reap one kind of karma; if put out to be helpful, it brings a different karma. For example, a doctor sometimes has to inflict pain, but he does it only to help the other person.

Yogananda said that the best way to work out our karma is to meet it calmly and pleasantly. It is our resistance to what comes to us that causes us, in most cases, the worst suffering: wishing things were other than they ARE. It is actually the flow of divine blessing in our lives. But so also do many other things, if you view them as such: miscarriages, early death, unfair incarceration and injustices in general.

The mature approach to the paradoxes of life is to have a practical response. What is my response to this tragedy? A tragedy might inspire a listless or wayward person to sit up and seek meaning in his life. Another may despair, it is true, but then that is the response, an impractical one at best, that such a person chooses.

Faith that for others, at least, a ray of light may appear. Our job is to tune into the deeper purpose of life behind which the greatest saints of east and west attest is the manifestation of love; of joy; of wisdom; and, ultimately, re-union with the divine. Physical and psychological characteristics are influenced by karma. All parts of our being- genetic, cultural and social are influenced by karma.

Every human trait and tendency is self-acquired either in this life or in former lives because of karma. It is the result of individual choice. A way to work with a karmic tendencies is to realize it is a lesson for us. It may be to learn to develop will power, perseverance or discrimination and then we will change any tendency.

If weight is the concern, may be it is will power with diet that is the lesson. You can re-shape every karma! If is an unpleasant disposition is the concern, may be being resourceful to find ways to inner happiness is the lesson. There is always an opposite response to all circumstances. Also, discriminate as to what is really important to focus on.

Too much concern with physical appearances may not be the best use of our time and focus. That choice of what to change is only yours to make. Follow your inner guidance and ask God what is pleasing to Him first. In the language of your heart listen for His directions. And remember how much He loves you!


There is a way that you also can recognize those whom you have known before. For example, we may associate with some people day after day, yet never really know them or feel close to them. But there are others with whom we feel immediately a deep harmony the first time we meet. It is not anything physical. It is a memory of the past. Many, many people that I have met in this country, and in India and elsewhere, I have known before.

Reincarnation and Christianity. Although Eastern religions accept reincarnation as part of their doctrine, Christianity has rejected it since AD, when it was dropped from their doctrine at the Fifth Ecumenical Council at Constantinople. It has been noted historically that the rejection of reincarnation was personally motivated by Justinian, the Emperor of the Eastern Empire, and his wife, Theodora. Although the vote at the Council relied on bishops from both the Eastern and Western Empire, only two bishops from Rome came to Constantinople to vote. As two previous popes had been murdered after they denounced the dropping of the belief of reincarnation of the Bible, many of the Roman bishops were afraid to vote against the wishes of Justinian.

Brahma Sutra do talk briefly about the rebirth of soul in human form and how it can also be Paramhansa Yogananda, Autobiography of Yogi, Paramhansa.

Paramahansa Yogananda

I was hoping that this book, in it's pages, would contain a fair amount of currently out-of-print information on Kriya Yoga, written by Paramahansa Yogananda. I was disappointed. These are also not secret parts of the Kriya Yoga Sadhana. This is also called Sahaj Kriya.

Karma, death, and reincarnation are fascinating subjects for many of us. The more we understand them, the richer and more meaningful life becomes because we gain the reassurance that all of life is designed to help us move toward our own highest fulfillment. Join Nayaswami Devarshi and Brahmachari Jemal in this course as they share how we can make the most of every day of the life we have been given by understanding the deeper purpose of existence for every soul.

Writings by and About Yogananda

Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda, W. Evans-Wentz Preface 4. Man's Eternal Quest by Paramahansa Yogananda 4. The Science of Religion by Paramahansa Yogananda 4. Donald Walters 4. Scientific Healing Affirmations by Paramahansa Yogananda 4. Spiritual Relationships by Paramahansa Yogananda 3.

In his book Karma and Reincarnation , Paramhansa Yogananda shares the following story to show how we can free ourselves from the laws of karma:. Our first reaction upon hearing this story might be to say, Who does the emperor think he is?! How arrogant of him to feel he is above the laws of society and of human decency.

A chief disciple of the Bengali yoga guru Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri , he was sent by his lineage to spread the teachings of yoga to the West, to prove the unity between Eastern and Western religions and to preach a balance between Western material growth and Indian spirituality. Yogananda was the first major Indian teacher to settle in America, and the first prominent Indian to be hosted in the White House by President Calvin Coolidge in ; [5] his early acclaim led to him being dubbed "the 20th century's first superstar guru," by the Los Angeles Times. For the next two and a half decades, he gained local fame as well as expanded his influence worldwide: he created a monastic order and trained disciples, went on teaching-tours, bought properties for his organization in various California locales, and initiated thousands into Kriya Yoga. He published his book Autobiography of a Yogi in to critical and commercial acclaim; since its first publishing, it has sold over four million copies, with HarperSan Francisco listing it as one of the " best spiritual books of the 20th Century". His continued legacy around the world, remaining a leading figure in Western spirituality to the current day, led authors such as Philip Goldberg to consider him "the best known and most beloved of all Indian spiritual teachers who have come to the West

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Understanding these truths can bring clarity, confidence, and inspiration into your life.