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Ethical And Regulatory Aspects Of Clinical Research Pdf

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Clinical trials are experiments or observations done in clinical research.

Order of Authors c. Key points A clinical trial is a study in which a new treatment is assessed. Data collection application intended for pharmaceuticals clinical trials. This is why we allow the book compilations in this. Background It is critically important to conduct research on stigmatized conditions, to include marginalized groups that experience stigma, and to develop interventions to reduce stigma.

Ethical and Regulatory Aspects of Clinical Research

Providing cutting-edge scholarly communications to worldwide, enabling them to utilize available resources effectively. We aim to bring about a change in modern scholarly communications through the effective use of editorial and publishing polices. Ahmad W. Moeen Al-Sayed. Clinical research is a lengthy and costly process. Subject recruitment and retention is an essential step to help lowering the cost and the length of clinical trials [1].

Ethical and regulatory aspects of clinical research: readings and commentary

Clinicians may one day be able to answer these questions by relying on computer models, thereby avoiding reliance on clinical research and the ethical concerns it raises. Until that day, clinical researchers begin by testing potential new medical interventions in the laboratory, and often in animals. While these methods can provide valuable information and, in the case of animal research, raise important ethical issues of their own, potential new interventions eventually must be tested in humans. Potential new interventions which work miracles in test tubes and in mice, often leave humans untouched, or worse off. The human tests of a medical intervention typically pose some risks to subjects no matter how many laboratory and animal tests have preceded them. In this way, the process of collecting data to improve health and well-being exposes research subjects to risks for the benefit of future patients. These studies thus provide a clear example of the central ethical challenge posed by clinical research: When is it ethically permissible to expose research subjects to risks of harm for the benefit of others?

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Ethical and regulatory aspects of clinical research: Readings and commentary

Once production of your article has started, you can track the status of your article via Track Your Accepted Article. Help expand a public dataset of research that support the SDGs. Contemporary Clinical Trials is an international peer reviewed journal that publishes manuscripts pertaining to all aspects of clinical trials , including, but not limited to, design, conduct, analysis, regulation and ethics. Manuscripts submitted should appeal to a readership drawn from disciplines including

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