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Back and neck pain are related to mental health problems in adolescence

The neck—or cervical spine—is a coordinated network of nerves, bones, joints, and muscles. It has the important job of providing support and mobility for the head, but sometimes it can become painful. Learn about the various issues and conditions that can cause acute and chronic neck pain. Watch: Neck Pain Causes Video. There are a number of problems that cause pain in the neck. Additionally, irritation of the spinal cord can cause pain into the legs and other areas below the neck. Neck pain usually goes away within a few days or weeks, but pain that persists for months could signal an underlying medical cause that needs to be addressed.

A pinched nerve is a nerve that has become irritated or compressed. The nerve is not necessarily pinched, but people use this term to refer to a range of symptoms. A pinched nerve can occur at various sites in the body, including the neck. When it affects the neck, doctors call it cervical radiculopathy. A person with a pinched nerve in the neck may experience tingling, numbness, or weakness in their neck, shoulders, hands, or arms. Pinched nerves often appear with age or due to arthritis or wear and tear on the spine.

For the vast majority of people who have an episode of neck pain, symptoms settle within a few weeks. Our neck forms the major connection between the head, the trunk, and our limbs. It has to be strong and robust to house and protect vital nerves, blood vessels and organs and support the weight of our heads as heavy as a bowling ball! Yet our neck must be very mobile to allow movement in an array of different directions to support our vision. Our spine consists of 33 irregularly shaped bones called vertebrae which stack one on top of the other. The top seven vertebrae of our spine form the neck, or cervical spine.

6 Chiropractor-Approved Exercises to Fight Text Neck

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Metrics details. Altered thickness, cross-sectional area and activity of deep neck muscles have frequently been reported in patients with chronic non-specific neck pain CNNP. It is claimed that these muscles do not recover spontaneously. These muscles provide a considerable amount of cervical stability. Therefore, various therapeutic exercises have been recommended to recover from resulting complications. However, most exercise protocols do not target deep neck muscles directly.

In End Back & Neck Pain, the leading names in back health join together to provide the latest research, professional insights, and proven programs to prevent and.

All About Neck Pain

Exercise is a vital part of treating the spine after injury or surgery. Active therapeutic exercises distribute nutrients into the disc space, joints and soft tissues in the neck. A regular exercise routine helps patients improve mobility and strength, minimize recurrence, and reduces the severity and duration of possible future episodes of neck and arm pain.

End Back & Neck Pain PDF

If you wake up with an aching neck one morning, it may be hard to believe that the problem didn't start overnight. However, it usually takes many years to develop neck pain.


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