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Wave , propagation of disturbances from place to place in a regular and organized way. Most familiar are surface waves that travel on water , but sound , light , and the motion of subatomic particles all exhibit wavelike properties. In the simplest waves, the disturbance oscillates periodically see periodic motion with a fixed frequency and wavelength. Mechanical waves, such as sound, require a medium through which to travel, while electromagnetic waves see electromagnetic radiation do not require a medium and can be propagated through a vacuum. See also seismic wave.

The stratigraphic traps in Unayzah formation play an important role in central Saudi Arabia where aeolian sandstone with good reservoir quality is laterally sealed by up-dip playa siltstone with low-porosity and lowpermeability due to the facies change. Seismic waveforms are employed using a supervised artificial neural network ANN to classify and identify the seismic facies. Important lateral variations in reflector continuity is blended into the waveform classification map in order to improve the facies recognition. The predicted distribution of facies and lithology is consistent with well data and characterizes the stratigraphic traps in central Saudi Arabia. Sign In or Register. Advanced Search. Sign In.

In both cases, rectification is performed by utilizing the characteristic that current flows only in the positive direction in a diode. Full-wave rectification rectifies the negative component of the input voltage to a positive voltage, then converts it into DC pulse current utilizing a diode bridge configuration. In contrast, half-wave rectification removes just the negative voltage component using a single diode before converting to DC. From this, it can be said that full-wave rectification is a more efficient method than half-wave rectification since the entire waveform is used. Also, a ripple voltage that appears after smoothing will vary depending on the capacitance of this capacitor and the load. Given the same capacitance and load, ripple voltage is smaller with full-wave rectification than haif-wave rectification.

Full-Wave Rectification and Half-Wave Rectification

A common way to detect asynchronies is by examining ventilator waveforms. There are different types of asynchronies, each with a set of characteristics that can be visually recognized. To aid you in recognizing the tell-tale characteristics of each asynchrony, we have created a two-page reference card also called "cheatsheet". It gives you a quick overview of:. Patient-ventilator asynchrony during assisted mechanical ventilation. Intensive Care Medicine. Asynchronies during mechanical ventilation are associated with mortality.

Main Types. • Direct Current The red line is continuous DC with a jagged top or “ripple”. Ripple is a Pulse: the part of the waveform during which voltage is.

Function Generators

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In electronics , acoustics , and related fields, the waveform of a signal is the shape of its graph as a function of time, independent of its time and magnitude scales and of any displacement in time. In electronics, the term is usually applied to periodically varying voltages , currents , or electromagnetic fields. In acoustics, it is usually applied to steady periodic sounds —variations of pressure in air or other media.

Function generator

A function generator is usually a piece of electronic test equipment or software used to generate different types of electrical waveforms over a wide range of frequencies. Some of the most common waveforms produced by the function generator are the sine wave , square wave, triangular wave and sawtooth shapes. These waveforms can be either repetitive or single-shot which requires an internal or external trigger source.

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Types of Waveforms. • Pulse: not Power fluctuates throughout the wave (book). –. uF vv. ⋅ i.e. displacement of waves on a string. () vtxf. ±.

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A function generator is a signal source that has the capability of producing different types of waveforms as its output signal.

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In this respect the classification of material differs somewhat from that of earlier books give examples of manual and automatic time-measuring systems. Chap-​.