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Difference Between Joint Venture And Strategic Alliance Pdf

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Alliances play a key role in a corporate growth strategy. They are an alternative to the organic option of building a new business from the ground up, or the inorganic option of making an acquisition.

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Mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and strategic alliances in agricultural cooperatives.

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Strategic Alliance can be termed as an arrangement wherein two or more entities come together to undertake common interest. Such an arrangement is in vogue in the contemporary business environment. Indeed, it is a response to the vigorous forces of globalisation, change in technology, deregulation and so forth, due to which the environment is now more complex and competitive in nature. One of the forms of strategic alliance is a joint venture, which can be understood as the temporary partnership, in which two or more entities conjoin to undertake a specific venture. The basic difference between the joint venture and strategic alliance lies in their nature and relationship between the two entities. Basis for Comparison Joint Venture Strategic Alliance Meaning Joint Venture refers to a form of business organization, set up by two or more companies, to carry out financial activity. Strategic Alliance implies an agreement amidst two or more entities to work jointly with one another, to increase performance of both the entities.

A joint venture is an agreement between two or more parties who agree to pool their resources for the accomplishment of certain activity or task. A joint venture is an agreement between two parties for certain types of work and for a certain period of time. A strategic alliance where two different parties come together and share their resources to undertake a specific, mutually desirable project. In a strategic alliance, both parties come with resources and from a new company. In strategic business both the company maintains its autonomy while gaining a new opportunity. In a joint venture both the parties come together for a specific purpose or for the new project or any other new business.

Joint ventures and strategic alliances

Joint ventures can have great advantages for small businesses. Properly chosen and implemented, joint ventures can be a way for your small business to get in on opportunities and profits that otherwise you would miss out on. They're like diamonds on the beach. You see the diamonds lying on the sand but try as you might, you can't pick them up — until you team with someone else who knows the trick of scooping them up. By teaming up with other people or businesses in a joint venture, you can:. For instance, suppose you and five other potters form a joint venture to hold a Potter's Fair on a particular date. Because you pool your resources, you're able to do much more advertising and promotion than you would be able to go alone, bringing out crowds of customers for your joint event.

A strategic alliance also see strategic partnership is an agreement between two or more parties to pursue a set of agreed upon objectives needed while remaining independent organizations. The alliance is a cooperation or collaboration which aims for a synergy where each partner hopes that the benefits from the alliance will be greater than those from individual efforts. The alliance often involves technology transfer access to knowledge and expertise , economic specialization , [1] shared expenses and shared risk. A strategic alliance will usually fall short of a legal partnership entity, agency, or corporate affiliate relationship. Typically, two companies form a strategic alliance when each possesses one or more business assets or have expertise that will help the other by enhancing their businesses. Strategic alliances can develop in outsourcing relationships where the parties desire to achieve long-term win-win benefits and innovation based on mutually desired outcomes.

Joint venture refers to the business arrangement between the two or more than two parties in which the parties come together to pool their resources with the main motive of completing the specific task, whereas, the Strategic Alliance refers to the business arrangement between the two or more than two parties for completing the specific task by remaining independent. The joint venture is one of the forms of strategic alliance. It can be understood as a temporary partnership where two or more parties come together to undertake a specific venture. The basic difference between the Joint Venture vs. Strategic Alliance lies in the relationship that they share and the nature of the two entities.

Joint Venture vs Strategic Alliance

Joint ventures and alliances are increasingly important strategic tools for companies as they respond to market disruptions and drive innovation and growth. A joint venture can provide the benefits of collaboration without the financial risks associated with an acquisition. Joint ventures are used in almost all major industries, but the primary objectives of the ventures vary by industry and by company. Companies may participate in joint ventures to access scale, new markets, unique technology or to share risks.

What Is the Difference Between a Joint Venture & Strategic Alliance?

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Joint ventures and alliances

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In the case of a joint venture, the existence of the contractual agreement is necessary, which specifies all the terms and conditions of the arrangement between the.

Difference Between Joint Venture and Strategic Alliance

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