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History And Physical Exam Template Pdf

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FREE 9+ Sample Physical Exam Forms in PDF | MS Word

Having a healthy lifestyle and taking measures to prevent illness whenever possible is the best way to ensure a long and healthy life. Talking about taking measures to prevent illness, one of the best things you can do to keep the diseases at bay is get physically examined every now and then. A vital part of preventive medicine, a physical examination is important for all people regardless of their age, activity level, or gender. Following is a detailed look at this. According to the National Institute of Health NIH , every adult including healthy individuals should undergo a physical examination at a frequency recommended by their primary care physician or another healthcare provider. There are many reasons a physical exam is necessary including:.

The History portion contains the chronology of what is wrong with the patient - often the "what is wrong with the patient" is called the " chief complaint " and is often abbreviated "CC" in the History documentation in the medical record. For example, a patient may report that there is blood in her sputum and this has been present for a period of one week. The physician will often write: CC: "Patient reports blood in sputum for a period of one week. Following the chief complaint, the physician will also document any other pertinent History about the patient's medical, behavioral, and psycho-social aspects. The Physical Exam includes both objective and subjective assessments of the patient's physical being. Objective medical measurements such as blood pressure , pulse rate , temperature, etc.

43 Physical Exam Templates & Forms [Male / Female]

A physical exam form is a blank form and format with guided lines that tells you what to fill up on each blank space, and gives you this ready format to make a complete report of the physical examination of a candidate who is ready to apply for something, go somwhere or getting ready for some special work or purpose. These are special forms and formats which people use to get their physical exam done and present the professional style report to some governing body or authority for a purpose. These forms are formatted to contain relevant fields which are a must check in this assessment, and hence these templates come really useful in figuring out a form at one go. The immigration physical form is mostly used at airports. Even a person who needs a fitness clearance at immigration, may get examined on his own, and get this form filled by his doctor to present at the immigrations at airport.

LONG FORM / COMPREHENSIVE. (Comprehensive H&P required for all admissions > 24 Hours Physical Exam: CHECK ALL APPROPRIATE BOXES.

Department of Neurology

The patient is a year-old right-handed woman with a history of chronic headaches who complains of acute onset of double vision and right eyelid droopiness three days ago. When she looked up at the clock on the wall, she had a hard time making out the numbers. At the same time, she also noted a strange sensation in her right eyelid. She went to bed and upon awakening the following morning, she was unable to open her right eye. When she lifted the right eyelid with her fingers, she had double vision with the objects appearing side by side.

History & Physical Exam


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Download encounter forms to help ensure accurate documentation for asthma, diabetes, hypertension, and other conditions common in primary care.

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for seeking care. HPI (history of present illness) - PQRST PMH (past medical /surgical history) general OBJECTIVE (Physical Exam - sample recordings).

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If patient refuses exam, document that risks of not completing exam were discussed with patient. VITALS Temp. HR. /min. RR. /min. BP supine. BP seated/​standing.