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A Companion to Birgitta of Sweden

Bridget was recognized as having the power of prophecy, and at times her voice did seem to echo that of the great prophets of old. The first is the humility of true contrition. The other is the contemplation of the sufferings of My Son. If He could, He would suffer again for each one of you what He suffered for all men. Gladly would He redeem you, you alone, at the cost of His Passion. Will your love not respond to such love? B ridget was twelve years old when her mother died.

Her maternal aunt assumed responsibility for raising her and her little sister, Catherine. In , the fifteen-year-old girl was given in marriage to the twenty-year-old seneschal Ulf Gudmarsson, also of Swedish high nobility. Even though she felt called to religious life, Bridget acquiesced. After a great deal of prayer and the counsel of their confessor, the young married couple understood that they were called to serve God in the holy state of matrimony, begetting and raising children for Heaven.

During the twenty-eight years of their life together, they would have eight children, including the future Saint Catherine of Sweden. Bridget received spiritual direction from a monk who introduced her to the reading of Scripture. Nevertheless, they adopted the Rule of the Third Order Franciscans and generously devoted themselves to works of charity for the poor.

But Bridget devoted most of her time to the raising of her children and the Christian formation of the domestic staff of the family castle. She had a hospital built on their property for the poor and the sick, whom she cared for herself with her children.

She convinced him to devote himself more to study, in order to better perform his duties in the country. It is often the woman, as happened in the life of St. Bridget and Ulf, who with her religious sensitivity, delicacy and gentleness succeeds in persuading her husband to follow a path of faith.

I am thinking with gratitude of the many women who, day after day, illuminate their families with their witness of Christian life, in our time too. In , Bridget was given the responsibility of introducing to Swedish customs Blanche of Dampierre, the daughter of the Count of Namur, whom King Magnus Eriksson had just married.

This role gave her a certain influence in the court. In fact, she often stayed in the royal castle in Vadstena. During these absences from her husband, Bridget devoted herself even more to the interior life and to mortification, to the point of sleeping on straw, or even on the bare ground. In , Bridget and Ulf left for Santiago de Compostela. This pilgrimage was the occasion of great spiritual progress for the couple, who had already committed to maintaining complete continence so as to better serve God.

Shortly after their return to Sweden, Ulf, at the urging of the Holy Spirit, withdrew to the Cistercian abbey in Alvastra, where one of their sons was a monk. Ulf died in , before he had even completed his novitiate. On his deathbed, he implored his wife to pray, and to have others pray, to shorten his time in purgatory.

B ridget, forty-one years old, was determined to deepen her union with the Lord through prayer, penance, and charitable works. She renounced the idea of a second marriage.

So rich a model of asceticism has inspired many popular pious practices over the centuries which even now maintain the freshness of their appeal. Is it not the height of perfection to give with one hand and still be able to offer with the other? As for myself, I abandon myself to the divine will. I would like even to beg for my bread for the love of God. There began the divine revelations which would accompany her for the rest of her life.

Bridget dictated them to her confessors, who, after having helped her discern what really came from God, translated them from Swedish into Latin and gathered them into an eight-volume edition titled Revelations. At times the revelations are presented in the form of dialogues between the Divine Persons, the Virgin, the Saints and even demons; there are dialogues in which Bridget also takes part. Bridget, moreover, knew well and was firmly convinced that every charisma is destined to build up the Church.

For this very reason many of her revelations were addressed in the form of admonishments, even severe ones, to the believers of her time, including the religious and political authorities, that they might live a consistent Christian life; but she always reprimanded them with an attitude of respect and of full fidelity to the Magisterium of the Church and in particular to the Successor of the Apostle Peter.

It is a responsibility that, if not borne in this life, will oppress you for eternity. The bishop is the watchman posted by God. He guards souls; he encompasses them with his charity. As a good shepherd draws his sheep by holding out a spray of fragrant flowers, the bishop draws his people with words of love. For their salvation he would suffer anything, the tribulations of life and death. B ridget was tasked with telling the king of Sweden that he must restore the faith in his kingdom by surrounding himself with holy people.

You pass your greed on to them. Atone for your impurities through prayer, your gluttony and drunkenness through abstinence, your pride through humility. To work for the salvation of sinners, in she founded the monastery of Vadstena in honor of Christ and His Mother.

It would become the birthplace of the Order of the Most Holy Saviour. This order, intended to save the Scandinavian peoples, would expand throughout the world to spread the reign of God. To this day their veil resembles a helmet, to show their intent to wage spiritual battle. The abbess had authority over the cloistered nuns and also over the small community of men religious established nearby to administer the sacraments.

These non-cloistered religious took on various apostolates, including preaching in parishes. Bridget, who did not share the life of the Sisters, nevertheless led a very ascetic life. In , Bridget went on pilgrimage to Rome. For four years she stayed in this house, which was organized into a veritable convent. Her daughter, Catherine, joined her there. Rome became for Bridget a second homeland. But she saw it also as it was in the fourteenth-century, filled with worldliness and sins, especially those of clerics.

The authority of the Holy See was less respected, and its mediation between enemy princes did not have the power it had before. In fact, wars and calamities ravaged Europe, shortly before the great schism of the West. Strengthened by her intimacy with Christ, Bridget begged the Supreme Pontiff to put an end to his hesitations dictated by earthly prudence and worldly interests, and to return to Rome, near the tomb of Saint Peter. To carry on the work of Redemption, Our Lord founded the Holy Catholic Church, where all the faithful are gathered in the bond of a single faith and single charity.

He placed Saint Peter above the other apostles and established in his person the lasting principle and visible foundation of this double unity. I n , Bridget moved into the home of a wealthy Roman woman, on what is now Piazza Farnese. She made this home into a guest house for pilgrims, especially Scandinavian pilgrims, and would live there until her death. Her economic situation was precarious, and sometimes only at the last minute did she providentially receive what she needed to live on.

She aided the poor, visiting them and caring for them herself in the hospitals. Through revelation, she had the ability to read consciences, which she used to win souls for Jesus Christ. After all these travels, which had reduced her to extreme weakness, Our Lord asked her in to go to Jerusalem to visit the places where He had accomplished the mysteries of our Redemption.

He assured her at the same time that He would give her the necessary strength. Once there, Bridget did not omit any of the places the Saviour had sanctified with His presence, and she received many lights, especially on the passion and death of Jesus Christ.

God also revealed to her the state of several kingdoms, such as the state of devastation of the kingdom of Cyprus, and the imminent fall of the Byzantine Empire. She addressed a letter to the king of Cyprus and his people. Why have you not thought about how I was tied naked to the column, cruelly whipped, hung on the Cross, lacerated with wounds and covered with blood?

When you paint your cheeks, you do not think of My face covered in blood. You do not reflect on the sufferings I endured and how I was hung for you, allowing Myself to be insulted and mocked by all, so that you may be led to love Me, your God, and escape the snares of the devil, in which you allow yourself to be imprisoned.

I will have mercy on him and I will be in him and he in Me, in eternal joy. How much good it does us when He once more touches our lives and impels us to share His new life! The best incentive for sharing the Gospel comes from contemplating it with love, lingering over its pages and reading it with the heart. If we approach it in this way, its beauty will amaze and constantly excite us.

But if this is to come about, we need to recover a contemplative spirit which can help us to realize ever anew that we have been entrusted with a treasure which makes us more human and helps us to lead a new life. There is nothing more precious which we can give to others. T hose who met the holy widow in the final years of her life unanimously testified to her radiant interior joy and her gentle humility. Do they know what death is? He dies who, separating himself from God by attachment to sin, loses faith and love.

He who fears the Lord and continually purifies himself through confession lives forever. Let us pray to Saint Bridget for Europe, that it might recover its Christian roots, and particularly for the return of Christian Scandinavians to the Catholic faith and to full union with the Catholic Church. Skip to content. A contemporary spirit B ridget, forty-one years old, was determined to deepen her union with the Lord through prayer, penance, and charitable works.

What death is T hose who met the holy widow in the final years of her life unanimously testified to her radiant interior joy and her gentle humility. To publish the letter of Saint Joseph Abbey in a magazine, a newspaper, etc. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

Birgitta of Sweden

Published June by Paulist Press. Written in English. Birgitta of Sweden c. One Swedish saint has achieved worldwide fame: Birgitta Birgersdotter, born into wealth and aristocracy, a happily married mother, a religious foundress, a. Birgitta of Sweden , canonized was one of the most charismatic and influential female visionaries of the later Middle Ages. Altogether, she received some revelations, dealing with subjects ranging from meditations on the human condition, domestic affairs in Sweden, and ecclesiastical matters in Rome, to revelations in. Looking for books by Bridget of Sweden?

St. Bridget of Sweden

This is the second volume of the translation of the Revelations of St. Birgitta of Sweden. Book IV includes some of the saint's most influential visions, especially those on the subject of the papacy, purgatory, and the Hundred Years' War. Book V takes the form of a learned dialogue between Christ and a monk standing on a ladder fixed between heaven and earth.

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Bridget was recognized as having the power of prophecy, and at times her voice did seem to echo that of the great prophets of old. The first is the humility of true contrition. The other is the contemplation of the sufferings of My Son. If He could, He would suffer again for each one of you what He suffered for all men.

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Bridget of Sweden