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Dungeons And Dragons 5e Magic Items Compendium Pdf

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D&D 3.5ª Edition - Magic Item Compendium.pdf

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You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. A Bunch More Magic Items. Thread starter the Jester Start date May 26, As well as a number of other products- a more thorough workthrough of the Book of Vile Darkness both the 3e and 4e version , several random books off my shelf Frostburn, Complete Warrior, Arcane Power, etc.

Up to pages. The document is now significantly larger, almost typed pages, and includes many more items from a variety of sources, including the 3e Magic Item Compendium, 3e Complete Mage, 4e Players Handbook 2, etc. Some of you saw my other thread of magic items converted to 5e.

This is another. I'll be updating the pdf eventually, when I do substantially more work on it, but for now, this includes: Pretty much every magic item in the 1e DMG that wasn't in the 5e DMG or my previous conversion set; Pretty much every magic item in the 4e PH that wasn't in the 5e DMG or my previous conversion set; Pretty much every magic item in my 4e Cydra Players Guide that wasn't in my previous conversion set; A few other goodies that I realized weren't yet in 5e, such as the Sword of the Planes; A few other new homebrewed items.

When I say "pretty much every", I mean that there were a couple that got left out because they either fit better as a monster animated object- broom of animated attack , were especially displeasing due to their lack of thematic connection between name and function phoenix helm or because there's a crucial bit of 5e rules missing for the moment helm of psionics.

But probably less than a half-dozen are missing here. I hope you guys enjoy and get some good use out of these! I'll update this thread and the pdf when I've completed all the items in another book or two.

Last edited: Aug 24, I'm not sure what book I'm converting the items in next; maybe the stuff in the 3e Book of Vile Darkness? The magic items from the 1e Unearthed Arcana? Morlock First Post. Thanks for this, Jester. Morlock said:. Hence the. Wouldn't hurt to troll them for good stuff that didn't make it into later editions, though. Inchoroi Adventurer. Link to part one?

So for the record, I've been doing some random items from the 2e EM series well, not random, but selected from randomly flipped parts of whichever book I've got in front of me , some Adventurer's Vault stuff specifically, I've converted the mount and arm slot items and am now moving on to some of the 1e Unearthed Arcana items.

I'll re-upload the pdf when it's at Okay, so I just updated the pdf. It's up to a solid 61 pages, including the wondrous items from the 3e DMG that I hadn't gotten to yet- I was surprised at how many there were! The pdf in the original post has been updated again, at just shy of pages.

Magistus71 Explorer. On page , Horn Tusk Armor doesn't make sense. Horn Tusk Armor Armor hide , uncommon If you fall to 0 hit points and don't instantly while wearing this armor and not incapacitated, you can use your reaction to make a single melee weapon attack.

Magistus71 said:. Okay- and clearly this means I'm insane- I've started to tackle the 2e Encyclopedia Magica series. I'm on "Axe", and there are a few things that have struck me as I have done the early part of volume I and thumbed through the others.

God damn are there a lot of duplicates. Not just "arrow of slaying" v. Holy cow are there a lot of weird, adventure-specific items in there! Tons are tied to specific settings, modules, etc. Some are even tied deeply into plots, such that you can't really tell what the item does or is for without the original source. Others are useless outside of their specific setting- Spelljammer stuff, I'm lookin' at you.

There are a shockingly large number of magic items that belong to gods listed. Look, there's Brihaspati's axe! Lots of stuff from across all the settings here, too.

These really seem like page filler to me, but then, I don't think I've ever been in a game where a pc had Mjolnir, and I know that stuff happens, so There are a lot of really lame items. Maybe less? Anyway, I'm working on them. Li Shenron Legend. Li Shenron said:. I would be interested in 5e conversions of 3e Weapons of Legacy.

Bupp Explorer. Okay, I just uploaded a newer version of the document; it's now about pages and includes everything in EM vol. There may come other things later if they are just perfectly suited for inclusion in my game, but the basics are covered. Just want to say this rocks; I will definitely use this as a resource. Last edited: Aug 19, Post reply. Insert quotes…. Forum list Post thread…. An Advertisement.

The Elements & Beyond, a 246-page homebrew D&D compendium, available FREE in PDF form!

Magwa, the most prestigious scholar of arcane antiquities, has spent his life traveling the Vast Kingdom in search of powerful and fascinating magic items. He has explored the darkest dungeons and braved the dens of dragons to bring you a magic item collection like you've never seen. He has finally published a portion of his discoveries in this mobile application for you to use in your next RPG adventure. His work includes over 30 free hand-drawn sketches and the option to buy many more. It even includes the ability to randomly generate items, create your own, and save them for later use. Magic, right? While the compendium is simple to use, it is more than just a random magic item generator.

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The Magic Item Compendium is a sourcebook written for the 3. The book classifies the items according to four broad categories: Armor chapter one , Weapons chapter two , Clothing chapter three , and Tools chapter four. Clothing refers to any non-armor item that occupies an equipment slot, including magical rings. Tools, including potions, scrolls, staves, and wands, are magical items that do not take up an equipment slot. Chapter five details item sets, which are collections of items of the four major types that individually have magical powers but will exhibit stronger effects as more items in the set are collected by a player character. Chapter six covers the use of magic items as well as their placement and creation.

Magic items are an integral part of the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® game experience. As long as D&D has been around, there have been +1 swordsand potions.

A Bunch More Magic Items

Home Contacts About Us. Game Stats. Weapons and armor unknown to the sages—plus a new artifact-level weapon!

Magic items need great stories as much as they need great mechanics, and you'll find both in Magwa's Magic Item Compendium. The colorful item descriptions, striking artwork, and fun 5th-edition rules will draw you into the Vast Kingdom and make your next adventure come to life. The book contains hundreds of unique magic items with backstories, 5th-edition mechanics, and excellent artwork.

Tiny specks of starlight gleam from the dark surface of this magic longbow at night.

In addition, this supplement contains rules for augment crystals, which grant new abilities to existing magicitems, and item sets, which provide collection benefits when you have all the items in a set. This tome also presents new and improved rules for item creation, an updated treasure generation system, and more! Magic Item Compendium Average Rating: 7.

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D&D 5th Edition


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