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Below is a list of the best computer science project topics. Hire a Project Writer Now. Your email address will not be published. You can pick your topic below this page and submit to your supervisor for approval. Starting with the May exam, this will be the GridWorld case study.

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For more topics click. The parties are seen as equal, who have invested their capital and aim at maximizing profit. An industrial or labour management relation is a strategic aspect of human resources management and can be defined in several ways. As the network of social relationship between the employees and their union, employers and the association, and the government and the numerous agencies in their attempts to regulate terms and conditions of employment and person other function that directly concern the initiation and substance of peaceful and purposeful labour management relation which involve applying machinery dealing with complaint, grievance and disputes in an organization.

Armstrong sees Industrial Relation as the intertwining activities of the worker, managing and government for better working conditions. Hence, the scope of industrial relations embraces relations and interaction between one trade union management and the state i.

In the federal ministry of finance, Abuja, industrial relation deals with everything that affects the relationship between workers and employers, perhaps from the time the employee joins the work in federal ministry of financial until the time he or she leaves his or her job. However, industrial relation is also fundamentally concerned with a complexity of power relationship and power sharing between management, the employee or trade union and the state i.

The attention have been devoted to examine the cause or factors which have been largely responsible for unproductively in the industrial relation practice.

One of the problems of industrial relation practice is employment of unsuitable candidates in preference to candidates of high merit.

The reason can be trace directly to nepotism. Another problem encountered is the area of employment security whereby there is unusual termination of employment. The purpose of this study is to identify interpret and understand the effect of early marriage on the academic performance of the girl-child with a view to recommending appropriate measure to be taken in order to enhance their welfare in terms of education and thus empower them to become relevant and potential citizens of the contemporary Nigeria.

The following recommendations were made in this research work, the government should ensure that their programmes on orientation should be properly channeled in order to get to the grassroots, government should introduce on the school curriculum topics on early marriage and its effects on Nigeria child. Right from the beginning of ages, the effect of early marriage on the academic performance of the girl child has been a topic for debate.

Chukwuemeka Chukwudi the major reasons why more girl child are found outside school was because female children are given out on marriage at an early age range. Although they make immense contribution to national development, they still face a number of difficulties that limit their potentials in promoting personal and collective development.

A key area of concern in this regard is that of their education, which can only at best be described as dwindling as and less than equal to that of the male.

Obaya, Yet the timing and the resultant impact of early marriage is a source of concern for many who cherish the equitable participation of female in modern education. When girls are married at age of 10 to 14, their educational careers are disrupted especially if an avenue for second chance learning is not provided.

Once girls are left behind in this process, they add to the burden of development of the society and their positive roles and contributions are limited early.

It is impossible to allow girls to marry at the ages of maturity, when they must have had opportunities for the attainment of basic education. The indicator of prevailing poverty among the poor, rural and urban populace that the world receives from the UNDP annually is a clear evidence of lack of equitable distribution of wealth in society.

As a result, several families live below the poverty line, living on less than N50 per day. Consequently, families are less able to cater for the educational needs of their wards.

When choices are made on who goes to school, the males are given preferential treatment, thereby leaving the girl child largely not catered for. The question is: why must this be the case. Apart from the fact that parents do give this girl child out on marriage early, thus impeding their chances of education, it is observed likewise that, there are instances where the females themselves bear n themselves poor self concepts of being unable to cope with challenges of modern impressions society placed on them.

This then becomes a very serious impediments to their learning and educational pursuits. There is a populate belief in society that modern education only emphasizes instrumental goals, that is, that it is mainly employment oriented. Therefore when learners complete educational programmes without commensurate assurance for modern sector jobs, society sees a mismatch and lack of energy.

This discourages participation, given that no serious meaning is ever attached to learning itself. Similarly, schools do not teach skills that may help learners to become self reliant and gain self employment from their formal training. Moreover, the female child sometimes agree to their parental ideas as regard getting married at a very early stage of life, tentatively because or the knowledge they have acquired that all perspective of education is masculine in nature.

This study is specifically concerned with many and varied problems of the handicapped in Benin City, the handicaps here are referred to females whom are giving out to marriage at a very early age, this considering how this is affecting their education.

How does the early marriage affect female education? What is the government doing to stop early marriage? What is the general attitude towards early marriage? In what area can we find higher rate of early marriage? What percentage of females get a second chance for education alter early marriage and otherwise.

It is expected that findings from this study will help in the following areas:. Help to identify what early marriage is all about. Identify the effect of early marriage on the academic performance on girl child. Identify government aid towards the stopping of early marriage in Nigeria. To know the general attitude of the public towards early marriage. Should be able to tell if early marriage is higher in the rural areas or in the urban area.

Identify the percentage of those that get a second chance for education after early marriage and the percentage of those that do not get second chance for education after early marriage. Early marriages have been found to be at a very high rate in Asian, Africa Continents, even Latin America. Meanwhile, the purpose of this research is to look at the situation of early marriage, its effect on academic performance of the girl child and then proffering avenues to reduce to the barest minimum, the idea of early marriage in our society.

This study will be limited to selected age groups viz: victims of early marriage, students and teachers in Oredo Local Government Area in Edo State. Samples will be gathered from the following:.

Best and reliability is our standard. Below is:. Enter Amount.

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Why should you study that topic? By choosing such a computer science topic, you need to mention the main benefits of the implementation of the IoT. First of all, digitals controls allow you to set specs all along the production line, connected sensors monitor specific functions, ensuring the precision and quality of everything you produce, from components to finish products. So, when a customer needs change, you can change specs and quickly send signals to every connected machine. It is fast, efficient, and precise. Internet of Things is creating an ability to not only collect more data but integrate it and manage the analytics. Is not it a great topic to reveal?

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We have compiled a growing list of available data on project topics for Computer Science Students as well as seminar topics. These computer science project topics come with already written project materials available on the Projectstoc Library for download. Open navigation menu. Close suggestions Search Search. User Settings.

It is important for everyone to develop the rudiments of reading and the culture of reading always so as to survive in ABSTRACT Online Doctor appointment System in hospital today necessitate a competent administration when handling patients, generating reports for cashier, patient details which serves as a key factor for the flow of business transactions in

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The customer need not wait in the queue to order the food. This application is user-friendly and very easy to access and use. The application displays the supply details in an easily readable format. Using the backup software system which is one of the Final Year Projects in Computer Science, the user can store the documents, images or videos securely and reliably. Users can store the documents in any format in a separate folder. The stored folder can be accessed only by authorized user. The backup software system is a windows application where the details are stored in SQL Database.

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Computer Science Project Topics and Materials in PDF

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Computer Science Project Materials

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