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Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Barbarism in disguise of Patriotism Barbarism in Disguise of Patriotism. Fazal Khaliq. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Road Mingora, Swat. Dilaram Khan, who sacrificed himself for the peace of this beloved land and was martyred on May 27, He not only expressed his views boldly on the on- going tumult of Talibanization but also quoted from the International essays and columns on the same subject, published in the international print media, proving his own people to be equally guilty in fostering the militancy.

All the political and military changes on the national level are due to those hidden powers. Fazal has clarified that the so-called and created Taliban were really unaware of the essence of Islam and Islamic Sharia law, for the implementation of which they raised weapons.

Their movement, however, defamed the image of Islam and Muslims throughout the world. He has criticized the state actors, too, for they deliberately ignored the nurturing of militancy; it was helped, funded, and trained and was given opportunities by the hidden powers but the state actors and intelligence agencies did not take steps to stop them in time. Fazal also criticized the local community and considered it equally responsible for the tumult, for it did not rise against the extremism in the Swat valley.

The role of media was also regarded as negative which was bent down towards Taliban at first, but took a U turn when the security forces initiated the decisive operation against Taliban. He also pointed out the hypocritical role of local and national politicians and political parties, elite, khan Khawaneen, social organizations and activists who fled from the area and left the innocent people at the mercy of militants and extremists, though it was their responsibility to provide a solid platform to unite them against the militants.

His writing clearly reflects his love and attachment with his people and area. I do appreciate and value his bold and impartial effort. Astonished because it was an unexpected responsibility, pleased because it is his original creation and because there is someone who is recording the deplorable history of Swat.

To write such a book which is fraught with sarcastic sentences and bitter insinuations for the game-players is not an easy job. Yet his conscience saddled him with writing the three-year-long corroding history of the Swat valley. That is why his each sentence is wrapped in his conscience, sincerity, pain and love. His each word is authentic, each phrase an authority and each sentence a justification itself, not because he is a renowned writer but because he is an eye-witness himself.

I therefore sometimes think that he did not need to include the quotations and references he had included. The external analysis might be true and weight- carrying, but his recording, analysis, and criticism of the heart-rending events is of unquestionable estimation and beyond compare because he wrote from the battlefield. There are many hidden stories between the lines; he sometimes calls it a pseudo-war, sometimes the government intentional negligence and sometimes a class war. The Pakhtoons fought the Afghan war as well as this one.

Unfortunately, the Pakhtoons have always been immolated at the altar of Islam since the genesis of Pakistan.

None can ask. I think Fazal has a deeper insight than the one he has utilized in this book because there are innumerable questions and inklings that befuddle us all, but he left them to others. He has not gone into detail but mentioned the major events occurred in the war-stricken zone to the war- victim people. I am really pleased that a youth like Fazal has the venture and talent to raise a voice against the atrocities and terrorism, thus representing the whole Swat.

I therefore congratulate him on his success and the attainment of his responsibility. The need of this book was felt to draw a true picture of the on-going insurgency in the beautiful valley of Swat. Being a close observer of the situation here since the initiation of The F.

M Radio by Mullah Fazlullah and the criminal negligence of the government of that time which not only helped nurture the militancy but also challenged the writ of the government openly, I tried to catch the attention of the people towards the reality behind the scene and the so-called show.

Today when we talk about the militancy or extremism in the different parts of the Pakhtoon belt, we really forget that the eruption of the militants and their barbaric acts are not all of a sudden, but due to the gradual and long injustices of the society.

It has also been observed through the history of mankind that whenever and wherever the human rights have been violated by the upper class in any society has always resulted in barbaric actions. And peace can never be attained by a society where there is no justice. As the Prophet Jesus said before circa A. If the government is sincere and true in so eradicating the extremism, it must come forward to solve the real issues of the common people, according to justice.

The stake holders of the society must not forget Jesus' words: "All who take the sword will perish by the sword. Here, I must mention the criminal silence observed by the common people throughout the period, when they were the direct target not only by the militants but also by the security forces.

They always kept their mouth shut whenever, and regardless of how, others behaved towards them. They were killed, and their properties were destroyed and captured by both the sides, but they could not open their mouths against them, thereby harvesting criminal silence. It is the time now for these common people to break their silence and raise voice against any act of barbarism by any side.

And if they do not do so, time will not forgive them, and they will become the dark side of the pages of the history. At the end I am grateful to Mr. Amjad Ali Sahab and Mr. Subhani Jawhar for his comments and proof reading of the book.

I also thank Mr. Shah Asad and Mr. Fazal Mahmood Rokhan who helped me in collection of the pictures. Based on this connection, such strange and anti- state actions have been taken for personal benefits in this state by the hidden stake holders and the real powers that it slowly and gradually made this country shallow.

Talibanization is one of the actions taken by those hidden powers which not only defamed the state in the whole world but it weakened its foundations too.

President Asif Ali Zardari has said that the militants and extremists emerged on the national scene and challenged the state not because the civil bureaucracy was weakened and demoralized but because they were deliberately created and nurtured as a policy to achieve some short term tactical objectives.

Now, the militants have unleashed a reign of terror, killing and beheading politicians, singers, soldiers and opponents. But today the Swat Valley is experiencing heartbreaking pressures, as the Taliban strike with disconcerting regularity and, among other atrocities, imposed a ban on the education of girls.

Same was the policy, applied in the project of creating the turmoil in the valley of Swat, by some hidden powers with the help of local fanatics. The project was initiated after a very disciplined and long homework in the soil, the people of which had a very strong religious background with strict Pakhtoon culture and traditions. Amid mounting concern at home and abroad, security forces launched the Operation Rah-e-Raast to curb militancy in Swat and in district Buner. More than 30, troops, assisted by air strikes by the Pakistani Air Force, have engaged in a battle to retake the valley.

Does that not give the notion that the militants of Swat were "controlled opposition", control and managed and run by some… Hidden powers? Does that not take any common soul to ponder on the fact that there is something fishy going on here?

The Establishment of F. M Radio: Historically, the people of Swat have been famous for their peace and love throughout the Pakhtoon belt, they always followed complete rules and regulations of the government of Pakistan, unlike the Pakhtoons of other areas. They always celebrated Eids and fasting with the Federal government. Like the dazzling beauty of the area, the people have bright minds with deep love not only for education; furthermore, they are very religious and therefore have deep love for Islam.

One could see Maddrassas and Masjids in every street of the Swat Valley. They are famous for their hospitality and are known for their cool and mild temperament. The show started in with the F. M Radio by Mulla Fazalullah with a small group of people conducting religious sermons. Mulla Fazalullah started very well with the interpretations of the Holy Quran, giving a touch of emotions. The people of rural Swat, particularly women, began to take interest and were impressed with the emotional speeches.

Slowly after the successful campaign of criticism, law and order was challenged in some parts of the area when people brought their TV, Video CD Players, and VCRs and Audio Players to a specified place and burnt them under the supervision of Mullah Fazalullah group.

The action was highly appreciated, and the people who voluntarily did the act were praised along with announcement of their names on F. M Radio. The campaign of denying education to females was very much stressed and special prayers and praises were bestowed on those girls and their parents who gave up education. They were congratulated. Thus Mulla Fazalullah worked in the female section and motivated them in the name of Islam and Quran, shaping every illegal and unIslamic action into legal and Islamic.

Being unaware of true Islam, the female were easily trapped in the net of Fazalullah. Soon after realizing the success of his mission, Mulla Fazalullah initiated the process of money collection from the people and in no time, people — particularly women — took part in this campaign very actively; they not only donated cash money but also donated their jewelry lavishly. The astonishing factor in this campaign was the unawareness on the part of those husbands and men who were in foreign countries to earn a living.

The wives and the women here did not even try to ask permission before giving donations from their wealth. The network of the F. M Radio was expanded to answer mobile phone calls asked from the local community in which once again the female played an active role. All day long, questions were asked, which Mulla Fazalullah answered in his own style. Barbarism in disguise of Patriotism 17 A very big plot of land was donated to construct a maddrassa in Imam Dairai in which local people not only donated generously but also physically participated in the construction voluntarily.

Later on, the same maddrassa was used as a court of Taliban where regular punishment cells were set up and executed. Large congregations on Juma Friday prayers were held, and prayers were offered in the imamat leading of Mulla Fazalullah. He was given the value of a supreme religious leader and was thus considered and counted in the queue of highly renowned scholars of Islam. Thus, in the very beginning, the F.

M Radio was initiated by Mulla Fazalullah and was declared illegal, which not only challenged the writ of the government but also disturbed the serenity of the very peaceful area of the Pakhtoons.

Still, ironically, the government of the time completely ignored all these activities, and when once the SSP of that time arrested Fazalullah amidst the large congregation on Friday, who and why was the SSP ordered to step behind the scene and release Mr.

When Mullah Fazalullah was busy with his F.

Barbarism in disguise of Patriotism Barbarism in Disguise of Patriotism

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Road Mingora, Swat (Pakistan) Ph: () – Email: shoaibsons​ First Edition December, Barbarism in disguise of Patriotism 3​.

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