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A literary language is the form of a language used in its literary writing. It can be either a non-standard dialect or standardized variety of the language. It can sometimes differ noticeably from the various spoken lects, but difference between literary and non-literary forms is greater in some languages than in others. Where there is a strong divergence between a written form and the spoken vernacular , the language is said to exhibit diglossia. The understanding of the term differs from one linguistic tradition to another, and is dependent on the terminological conventions adopted. A related concept is liturgical writing , which is the language or form of language used in the liturgy of some religions.

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Skip to content. The purpose of this article is to provide some guidance through the wealth of available materials and support, to provide a platform for sharing ideas and experiences and to explore some areas that are at the cutting edge of what is, for many teachers, the most powerful instrument in their school bag: literature as a tool for language learning. Click on the headings below to find out more about available materials and support for teachers in each area. Having formed part of traditional language teaching approaches, literature became less popular when language teaching and learning started to focus on the functional use of language. However, the role of literature in the ELT classroom has been re-assessed and many now view literary texts as providing rich linguistic input, effective stimuli for students to express themselves in other languages and a potential source of learner motivation.

Go to our other sites. The Language and Literature in English syllabus aims to encourage an appreciation of literature in English - prose, poetry and drama - of different types and from different cultures; and to develop the key skills required to read, analyse and communicate effectively in English. By studying a range of texts, learners understand more about writers' choices of language, form and structure, and develop their ability to form independent opinions about what they read. Learners also improve their understanding of the English language and how it is used, extending their skills across a range of writing styles, including imaginative, discursive and argumentative. Changes have been made to this syllabus for examination from onwards. Please see the syllabus for detailed information. We provide a wide range of support so that teachers can give their learners the best possible preparation for Cambridge programmes and qualifications.

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Literary language

Please contact your institution's representative to request a sample of this older edition. Each thematic chapter is built around a provocative Central Text by a world-renowned author, which is followed by two clusters of texts—one on a literary theme and one on an argument topic. These text clusters include pieces at various reading levels for easy differentiation while keeping all students engaged in the same conversation, juggling multiple ideas, and reconciling diverse perspectives New to This Edition.

Advanced language & literature : for honors and pre-AP English courses

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Advanced language & literature : for honors and pre-AP English courses

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