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These pranks work well because salt and sugar are almost indistinguishable by the naked eye: Both are crystalline solids with similar structures. Nonetheless, they have very different flavors, and they behave differently too.

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Soot samples were extracted from a swirl-stabilized, liquid-fuel fired laboratorycombustor to i assess the validity of the ASTM smoke point test in predicting thesooting characteristics of fuels in complex combustion systems and ii assess theeffect of fuel molecular structure and smoke suppressant additives on the physicaland chemical properties of soot. Fuels utilized were shale JP-8, iso-octane, andblends of iso-octane with either decalin, toluene, tetralin, or 1-methylnaphthalenesuch that smoke points similar to JP-8 were achieved. Each fuel was separatelyblended with 0. The resultsindicate that the ASTM test can be misleading, increased fuel molecular complexityincreases soot content of higher molecular weight polycyclic aromatics, andferrocene additive reduces small particle number density but not necessarily the sootmass loading. Many UC-authored scholarly publications are freely available on this site because of the UC's open access policies.

Contents A. Covalent Bonds and Lewis Structures B. Rules for Writing Lewis Structures C. Multi-Center Molecules E. Polar and Nonpolar Covalent Bonds H. Molecular Shape and Polarity I. Covalent Bonds and Lewis Structures When elements combine, there are two types of bonds that may form between them:.

Relationships between molecular structure and biological activity or molecular structure and physical properties can be investigated for large sets of organic compounds using computer-assisted methods. Our research involves the design, implementation, testing, and application of computer software for the purpose of discovering structure-property and structure-activity relationships and thus developing the capability to predict properties for unknown compounds. The approach involves the graphical entry and storage of structures, three-dimensional molecular modeling, molecular structure descriptor generation, and analysis of the descriptors using pattern recognition methods or multivariate statistical methods. The computer-generated structural descriptors represent the molecules topologically e. ADAPT is under continual development through the introduction of new molecular structure descriptors and new analysis methods. A number of successful studies have been reported in property prediction prediction of boiling points of olefins, GC and HPLC retention indices, and simulation of 13 C NMR chemical shifts and in the structure-activity area pharmaceutical drugs, olfactory stimulants, mutagens, carcinogens, anti-tumor drugs.

Properties of Solids

A molecule is an electrically neutral group of two or more atoms held together by chemical bonds. In quantum physics , organic chemistry , and biochemistry , the distinction from ions is dropped and molecule is often used when referring to polyatomic ions. In the kinetic theory of gases , the term molecule is often used for any gaseous particle regardless of its composition. This violates the definition that a molecule contain two or more atoms, since the noble gases are individual atoms. A molecule may be homonuclear , that is, it consists of atoms of one chemical element , as with two atoms in the oxygen molecule O 2 ; or it may be heteronuclear , a chemical compound composed of more than one element, as with water two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom; H 2 O. Atoms and complexes connected by non-covalent interactions , such as hydrogen bonds or ionic bonds , are typically not considered single molecules.

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Himes, R. January 1, Gas Turbines Power. January ; 1 : — Soot samples were extracted from a swirl-stabilized, liquid-fuel fired laboratory combustor to i assess the validity of the ASTM smoke point test in predicting the sooting characteristics of fuels in complex combustion systems and ii assess the effect of fuel molecular structure and smoke suppressant additives on the physical and chemical properties of soot. Fuels utilized were shale JP-8, iso-octane, and blends of iso-octane with either decalin, toluene, tetralin, or 1-methylnaphthalene such that smoke points similar to JP-8 were achieved.

PDF | On Jan 1, , Suryakant Borul published Physical Properties and Molecular Structure | Find, read and cite all the research you need on.

Linking structure, bonding and substance properties | 16-18 years

We begin with our knowledge of the structure and properties of atoms. We know that atoms have a nuclear structure, meaning that all of the positive charge and virtually all of the mass of the atom are concentrated in a nucleus which is a very small fraction of the volume of the atom. In addition, we know that many of the properties of atoms can be understood by a model in which the electrons in the atom are arranged in "shells" about the nucleus, with each shell farther from the nucleus than the previous. The electrons in outer shells are more weakly attached to the atom than the electrons in the inner shells, and only a limited number of electrons can fit in each shell.

Prediction of Physicochemical Properties of Organic Compounds from Molecular Structure

8: Molecular Structure and Physical Properties

Rubber Chemistry and Technology 1 May ; 37 2 : — A discussion of the development, present day applications, and the advantages of polybutadienes are presented. The variations of an over-all concept in products obtained through different preparations and having various molecular structures as well as differing service and technological properties were made the starting point for the present investigations. Section 2 provides a review of the basic characteristics of the most important processes for preparing polybutadiene and the associated structural or compositional characteristics. Fourteen typical polybutadienes encompassing the entire range of polybutadienes are compared to cold rubber and natural rubber with respect to their most importance analytical and polymer values corresponding to their arrangement into preparation groups. The correlations between the technological properties of the raw rubbers, of the compounds, including the mixing behavior, and the vulcanizates on the one hand and the molecular structure composition of the rubbers upon which they are based, on the other, are discussed using detailed synopses in Sections 3 and 4. In doing this, it was important to see the principal features of the different polybutadienes compared to one another, effects of the structural characteristics and of additives on the properties of the raw rubbers, compounds, and vulcanizates, as well as the differences encountered as compared to polymers which are considered most important for use in blends cold SBR and natural rubber.

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Crystalline solids

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