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6.8: Exponential Growth and Decay

This little section is a tiny introduction to a very important subject and bunch of ideas: solving differential equations. We'll just look at the simplest possible example of this. The general idea is that, instead of solving equations to find unknown numbers , we might solve equations to find unknown functions. Such a relation between an unknown function and its derivative or derivatives is what is called a differential equation. Since we've described all the solutions to this equation, what questions remain to ask about this kind of thing? A person might manage to remember such formulas, or it might be wiser to remember the way of deriving them.

One of the most prevalent applications of exponential functions involves growth and decay models. Exponential growth and decay show up in a host of natural applications. In this section, we examine exponential growth and decay in the context of some of these applications. Many systems exhibit exponential growth. Notice that in an exponential growth model, we have.

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Exponential decay can also be applied to temperature. On a graph of the temperature function, the leveling off will correspond to a horizontal asymptote at the temperature of the surrounding air. Unless the room temperature is zero, this will correspond to a vertical shift of the generic exponential decay function. A pitcher of water at 40 degrees Fahrenheit is placed into a 70 degree room. One hour later, the temperature has risen to 45 degrees. How long will it take for the temperature to rise to 60 degrees?

Learning Objectives After completing this tutorial, you should be able to: Solve exponential growth problems. Solve exponential decay problems. Introduction In this tutorial I will step you through how to solve problems that deal in exponential growth and decay. These problems will require you to know how to evaluate exponential expressions and solve exponential equations. If you need a review on these topics, feel free to go to Tutorial Exponential Functions and Tutorial Exponential Equations. Ready, set, GO!!!!!

dt. dP. A function P(t) is neither increasing or decreasing over an interval if. 0). = ′..

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Summary Differential equations whose solutions involve exponential growth or decay are discussed. Everyday real-world problems involving these models are also introduced. By the end of your studying, you should know: How to write as a differential equation the fact that the rate of change of the size of a population is increasing or decreasing in proportion to the size.

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A function of the form y = a(1 + r)t, where a > 0 and r > 0, is an exponential growth function. initial amount time growth factor rate of growth (in decimal form).

Using Newton’s Law of Cooling

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We consider math- ematical models of exponential growth and decay in other fields of science. Content. A differential equation for exponential growth and decay.

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