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We realize the value and importance of reliable and statistically valid information and presenting the data in a meaningful ways is utmost essential for you in making critical business decisions.

Tables are devices for presenting data simply from masses of statistical data. Tabulation is the first step before data is used for analysis. Tabulation can be in form of Simple Tables or Frequency distribution table i.

Tabulation of Data

Understand the difference between the variance and the standard deviation. The horizontal arrangement of the data is known as rows, whereas the vertical arrangement is called columns. Main advantages or benefits of tabulation of data can be expressed as follows: 1. Southern European countries like Italy, Spain and Greece became uncompetitive, leading to large current account deficit. There are 3 important stages in this processing they are, — A visual guide simplification of complex data 2.

advantages and disadvantages of tabulation

Tabulation is the systematic arrangement of the statistical data in columns or rows. It involves the orderly and systematic presentation of numerical data in a form designed to explain the problem under consideration. Tabulation helps in drawing the inference from the statistical figures. Tabulation prepares the ground for analysis and interpretation. Therefore a suitable method must be decided carefully taking into account the scope and objects of the investigation, because it is very important part of the statistical methods.

When conducting survey analysis, cross tabulations also referred to as cross-tabs are a quantitative research method appropriate for analyzing the relationship between two or more variables. Cross tabulations provide a way of analyzing and comparing the results for one or more variables with the results of another or others. The axes of the table may be specified as being just one variable or formed from a number of variables. The resulting table will have as many rows and columns as there are codes in the corresponding axis specification. In many research reports, survey results are presented in aggregate only — meaning, the data tables are based on the entire group of survey respondents.

Learn data tables and types MCQs , "Data Classification, Tabulation and Presentation" quiz questions and answers for admission and merit scholarships test. Learn data tables and types, data classification career test for accredited online business management degree. Practice jobs' assessment test, online learning data tables and types quiz questions for online business and administration degree. MCQ : If the vertical lines are drawn at every point of straight line in frequency polygon then by this way the frequency polygon is transformed into. MCQ : The discrete variables and continuous variables are two types of. MCQ : In stem and leaf display diagrams used in exploratory analysis, the stems are considered as.

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Final , May ] Classification and Tabulation of Data 13 The disadvantages of textual presentation are: i it is too lengthy; ii there is repetition of words; iii comparisons cannot be made easily; iv it is difficult to get an idea and take appropri- ate action. The resulti… It facilitates comparison by bringing related information close to each other and helps in further statistical analysis and interpretation. Tabular Presentation of data is a method of presentation of data. Editing data is identified if there are any errors in raw data so that if they are errors they can be edited and corrected.

Classification of statistical data serves the following purposes: 1. It condenses the raw data into a form suitable for statistical analysis. It removes complexities and highlights the features of the data.

The process of placing classified data into tabular form is known as tabulation. A table is a symmetric arrangement of statistical data in rows and columns. Rows are horizontal arrangements whereas columns are vertical arrangements. It may be simple, double or complex depending upon the type of classification. When the data are tabulated to one characteristic, it is said to be a simple tabulation or one-way tabulation.

Data Processing & Tabulation

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What is meant by tabulation?

What is cross tabulation?

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