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The interior heat of the structure causes snow to melt and later freeze to form an ice dam along the eaves. As more snow melts, water flows down the pitch of the roof, backs up behind the ice dam, forces its way under the shingles, through the roof deck, and into the structure. Storms can also threaten the integrity of sloped roofs.

Grace Ice & Water Shield

And it can be applied under most types of roofing shingles, including metal, tile, shake, slate, and both asphalt and synthetic shingles. It is specifically designed for waterproofing protection on or greater sloped roof applications subject to the effects of ice damming and wind driven rain. Its unique cool gray surface technology does not expand or contract and provides for a cooler working surface during installations. Click here for details. Test data is based on an average taken over several production runs and should not be considered or interpreted as maximum or minimum values. Values are typical data and not limiting specifications. It takes more than shingles to protect your home.

Yeah, that's right. ArmorLite Roofing Technology has made the biggest breakthrough in the history of the roofing industry, having created the lightest, most eco-friendly, safest, and most durable roofing product ever. For decades, engineers and scientists tried to create alternatives to the archaic roofing industry, which for years has used landfill-cluttering Installing Ice-and-Water-Shield next to a Chimney. Concrete vs. Step 3: Install the Shield and Underlay Material. Lay the ice and water shield by starting from the drip edge.

Create a seal that helps keep water out at the most vulnerable areas of your shingle or metal roof at the eaves and rakes, in valleys, around chimneys, etc. Help protect your home from costly wall and ceiling staining. Help prevent leaks due to water damming in your gutters, wind-driven rain, and, in the North, damaging ice dams. Warranty for complete coverage and restrictions. Warranty and means as long as the original individual owner s of a single-family detached residence [or the second owner s in certain circumstances] owns the property where the shingles are installed.

Grace Ice & Water Shield

The local building codes are very clear. Your roof has many weak points that are more vulnerable to weather conditions than the main field of shingles. Along these penetrations it is good practice to apply an extra layer of protection. Ice and Water barrier is a peel and stick protective underlayment that when applied around penetrations, along the lengths of sidewalls and roof to wall transitions, will protect these weak points and help these troubled roofing areas to last the lifetime of the roof. Learn all you need to know when it comes to the shingles on your roof. Shingle Roofing. Learn all about the quality and features that comes with a metal roof.

Self-sealing protection for vulnerable areas of the roof against wind-driven rain and ice dams. It will also help protect your home from expensive wall and ceiling staining from leaks. Visit gaf. Back Roofing Shingles. Browse Shingles Browse Shingles. Back Browse Shingles. Back Browse By Shingle Color.

Grace Ice & Water Shield® self-adhered roofing underlayment is a premier membrane composed of two Grace Ice & Water Shield® is supplied in 3 ft wide rolls of varying lengths. Printed in U.S.A. GIWS 03/16 CD/PDF. Product.

Grace Ultra™

This NOA shall not be valid after the expiration date stated below. If this product or material fails to perform in the accepted manner, the manufacturer will incur the expense of such testing and the AHJ may immediately revoke, modify, or suspend the use of such product or material within their jurisdiction. BORA reserves the right to revoke this acceptance, if it is determined by Miami-Dade County Product Control Division that this product or material fails to meet the requirements of the applicable building code. RENEWAL of this NOA shall be considered after a renewal application has been filed and there has been no change in the applicable building code negatively affecting the performance of this product. Misuse of this NOA as an endorsement of any product, for sales, advertising or any other purposes shall automatically terminate this NOA.

Grace Ice and Water Shield

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