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A hydraulic cylinder also called a linear hydraulic motor is a mechanical actuator that is used to give a unidirectional force through a unidirectional stroke. It has many applications, notably in construction equipment engineering vehicles , manufacturing machinery , and civil engineering. Hydraulic cylinders get their power from pressurized hydraulic fluid , which is typically oil.

Importance of Safe Design 8. Design of Cylinder tube 8. Capacity Hydraulic Cylinder 8. Working Pressure 8.

Design and manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders

Marg,Sonapur, Bhandup west , Mumbai - India. Introduction to Hydraulic Cylinder 8. Importance of Safe Design8. Design of Cylinder tube8. Capacity Hydraulic Cylinder8. Working Pressure8. Theoretical Design of main shell or Cylinder tube8.

Design of thin Cylinder8. Thin Spherical Shells8. Design of thick Cylinder8. Design of Cylinder End-plug Cover plate 8. Practical way of Seletion of Cylinder tube8. Inside diameter of Cylinder as per isi standard8. ID of Cylinder as per preferred number8. ID of Cylinder as per availability of seamless pipe8. ID of Cylinder as per Seal8. Manufacturing of Cylinder tube8. Piston Rod8. Flanges Welded to Cylinder-Tube8. Seal Plates8. Cylinder Cushions.

Hydraulic cylinder is most important part of a hydraulic press. It develops the necessary forcerequire to carry out a pressing operation. As cylinder is one of the most important parts of a press,hence we will discuss it in detail in this chapter. The hydraulic cylinder is a positive displacement reciprocating hydraulic motor, which con-verts the energy of a fluid into the kinetic energy of the moving piston. In other words we can say a hydraulic cylinder is a device which converts the energy of fluidwhich is in a pressure form into linear mechanical force and motion.

Single action cylinders. Double action cylinders. Single action cylinder can be defined as "Cylinder in which displacement in one direction is byworking fluid pressure and in the other direction by external force.

Single action cylinder can take power-stroke only in single direction. That is either it candevelop necessary force in forward stroke of cylinder or return stroke of cylinder, depending on itsconstruction. The non-productive direction of cylinder stroke is achieved by various means such asself-weight gravity , spring, auxiliary cylinder etc.

Double action cylinders are those in which forward as well as reverse strokes are actuatedby fluid pressure. Double action cylinder can develop power-stroke in both forward and reverse direction. In figure 8. Return stroke is achieved by gravity and spring. While in figure 1. Piston Rod: -When diameter of piston rod is almost equal to piston diameter then generally it is called as RAM. But in general all large size of piston rods are called "RAM". Piston rod is a mechanical member,which transmits kinetic energy, which got developed at piston, to the work-piece.

It is circularin cross-section in case of double action cylinder, as hydraulic sealing is required between pistonrod and guide bush. In ram type of single action cylinder, piston rod is also circular in crossaction, while in piston type single action cylinder in which sealing is not required between pistonrod and guide bush, piston rod may be of any type of cross section.

For example in case of lock nuttype of single action jack, piston rod has thread on its entire length. Piston-rod is also called asplunger. It could extend from both the end of cylinder, and it could be hollow also. Piston-rod couldbe attached to other component by means of threading, eye bolt type arrangement, or groove andsplit coupling arrangement etc. Wiper Seal: -These are used to avoid entry of dust particle in cylinder. When these seal softly wipe the rodthen it is called wiper seal and when they are stiffly and forcefully rub the piston rod to avoidentry of dust particle in cylinder then they are called scraper.

Gland-Bush: -Gland-bush is used to retain gland seal, accommodate wiper seal, and provide guide to pistonrod. It is an optional component; it could be merged with Guide-bush.

That means guide-bushcan also accommodate rod seal, wiper seal and can provide guide to piston rod. We providedseparate gland-bush for convenience in manufacturing, controlling dimension accurately, andstronger design. Making grove in Guide-bush and maintaining tolerance and surface finish is too difficult, so byusing gland bush we make an open step for accommodating seal and solve this problem. Guide-bush is made from mild steel, while guiding piston rod requires bearing material.

Soinstead of making complete guide bush of bearing material we make gland-bush of bearingmaterial, Which is smaller in size as compared to guide-bush, and hence we save money. Strips and bush could be used to provide guide to piston-rod in Guide bush, instead of makingseparate gland bush.

But long guides provided by gland-bush which are made from bearingmaterial are much stronger and gives long life as compared to thin and short bushes and stripsFilled in guide-bush. Rod Seals: -These are also called as Gland seals. It is a device which is used to avoid the leakage of workingfluid or air from the periphery of piston-rod, Generally it is used to stop leakage between pistonrod and guide-bush of cylinder.

This gives additional guide to Piston - Rod. It is alsocalled sleeve guide or collar guide. This is acylinder end enclosure, which covers the annular area or the differential area between the cylin-der bore area and piston rod area. In addition to functioning as end-closer, it also could be used for mounting cylinder, providingoil-port, accommodating bleeding and cushion arrangement, and providing guide to piston rod.

Oil Port: - A port is an internal or external terminus of air or fluid passage in hydraulicor pneumatic component. In hydraulic cylinder, oil ports are provided to feed pressurised oil. It may be threaded or boltedtype, and its size depends on the flow of oil thought these oil ports and inside diameter ofcylinder8. Cylinder-Tube-Flanges: -These are circular or rectangular rings, threaded and welded to the outside diameter of cylindertube. When this is fixed at front-end of cylinder then it is called Front-Tube-Flange.

It may beused for bolting of guide-bush and cylinder mounting, in case of Front-Tube-Flange mountedtype of cylinder. When it is fixed to the rear-end of cylinder end-plug side , then it is called Rear-Tube-Flangeof cylinder. It may be used for bolting of End-Plug and cylinder mounting in case of Rear-Tube-Flange mounted cylinder. Stopper Tube: -When cylinder has long stroke, and in fully extended condition of Piston-rod, if there is a chanceof buckling of piston-rod or any damage to cylinder, then piston-rod is always kept sufficiently.

A piece of pipe, which floats freely between piston and guide-bush, and stop ram from taking itsfull stroke, is called stopper-tube. Air-Bleed-Off-Port:-Air may get trapped in cylinder. This air may be due to cavitations and de-aeration in oil, or airpresent while assembling and commissioning of cylinder. Trapped air gives spongy operation, jerks,and loss of control on cylinder movement.

To remove trapped air small ta. Log in Get Started. Design and manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders. Download for free Report this document. Embed Size px x x x x Khan Design and Manufacturing of Hydraulic Cylinder Hydraulic cylinder is most important part of a hydraulic press. Khan Design and Manufacturing of Hydraulic Cylinder 1. Khan Design and Manufacturing of Hydraulic Cylinder 2. Stopper Tube: -When cylinder has long stroke, and in fully extended condition of Piston-rod, if there is a chanceof buckling of piston-rod or any damage to cylinder, then piston-rod is always kept sufficiently Design and Manufacturing of Hydraulic Presses.

Khan Design and Manufacturing of Hydraulic Cylinder inside cylinder, so that the gland-bush and piston, which provide guide to piston-rod are sufficientlyapart from each other, and provide good cantilever support against bending and buckling.

Hydraulic Cylinders

Built upon a wealth of knowledge and expertise spanning over 40 years, we have an extensive production facility housing highly skilled engineers and designers. We can provide all manner of cylinder types with various mounting styles for a multitude of applications. We have a wealth of experience that enables us to design cylinders specifically for use in arduous environmental conditions. Utilising highly certified materials such as stainless steel rods and marine paint specifications to help withstand the wide range of temperatures and fluids, whilst maintaining optimal integrity and durability. These cylinders are designed for extreme and not readily accessible environments, so it is important that they are very robust and most of all reliable. Therefore, preventing seawater ingress is of utmost importance. We offer highly certified materials including either high-grade stainless steel or ceramic coated rods and subsea paint specifications.

Volume-2. Design and Manufacturing of Hydraulic Cylinders

Importance of Safe Design 8. Design of Cylinder tube 8. Capacity Hydraulic Cylinder 8. Working Pressure 8. Theoretical Design of main shell or Cylinder tube 8.

Hydraulic Cylinders

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Hydraulic cylinder

When it comes to complex hydraulic systems, cylinder specification can be a balancing act for OEM design engineers — as each design factor influences one or more of the many other design details to be considered for the application. Certain cylinder manufacturers offer options that present a wide scope of performance capabilities for standard components, minimizing the need for customization. However, exceptions to this remain. Working with an experienced engineering manufacturer can help to navigate and expedite the design process. Medium-duty hydraulic systems with pressure capabilities of PSI are used in the majority of industrial applications. Some applications, such as hydraulic presses and automotive manufacturing require heavy-duty systems.

Get Price. Hydraulic Maintenance, Repair and Service Excel Hydraulics is a fluid power preventive maintenance, repair and service company headquartered in New Jersey. Founded in when Emery L. Cylinders are energized by a 12 volt DC high pressure hydraulic pump through electrically. We are located in the port city "QuanZhou"have played a motivated role in design, manufacturing and rebuilding of hydraulic.

Design and manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders

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HYSTAT Hydraulic Cylinders

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Engineered Design Cylinders

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Importance of Safe Design 8.