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Thinking Mathematically Integrating Arithmetic And Algebra In Elementary School Pdf

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It's Elementary: Introducing Algebraic Thinking Before High School

The data presented here belongs to a teaching experiment in which the use of relational thinking when solving number sentences was explicitly promoted. Carpenter, T. Thinking mathematically: Integrating arithmetic and algebra in elementary school. Portsmouth: Heinemann. Cobb, P. Design experiment in educational research. Educational Researcher, 32 1 ,

Algebraic reasoning is an essential habit of mind for building conceptual knowledge in K mathematics, yet little is known about how middle school mathematics teachers think about algebraic reasoning. In this article we describe a research project examining how algebraic reasoning was considered by grades 6, 7, or 8 mathematics teachers in a two-week professional development and over the following two months. We found these 21 teachers initially described algebraic reasoning in a way requiring only procedural knowledge to solve problems with a single solution, solution strategy, or representation. Teachers reported three activities influenced a shift in their thinking about algebraic reasoning, specifically by requiring conceptual knowledge to solve problems using multiple solutions, solution strategies, or representations. While some teachers also associated aspects of generalization and functional thinking as part of algebraic reasoning, two months after the professional development no teachers continued to associate these aspects as part of algebraic reasoning.

We have characterized what we call relational thinking to include looking at expressions and equations in their entirety rather than as procedures to be carried out step by step. For the last 8 years, we have been studying how to provide opportunities for students to engage in relational thinking in elementary classrooms and how to use relational thinking to learn arithmetic. In this article, we present interviews with two third-grade students from classrooms that foster the use of relational thinking. In both cases, we focus on the distributive property. The first example illustrates how a teacher scaffolds a sequence of number sentences to help a student begin to relate multiplication number facts using the distributive property. The second example shows another student who is already using the distributive property and the extent of his knowledge. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution.

International Journal of Learning, Teaching and Educational Research

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Thinking Mathematically: Integrating Arithmetic & Algebra in Elementary School

Sitting in Mrs. Peavey's Algebra I class, I experienced algebra much like millions of other Americans—as an intensive study of the last three letters of the alphabet. I failed to grasp the importance of algebra—how it provides support for almost all of mathematics or to understand its power as a tool for analytical thinking.

Mathematics Teacher Education and Development (MTED)

In Stock. In Children's Mathematics: Cognitively Guided Instruction , Thomas Carpenter, Megan Franke, and Linda Levi helped hundreds of thousands of teachers understand children's intuitive problem-solving and computational processes and how to use that knowledge to enhance students' understanding of arithmetic. In Thinking Mathematically , the same author team shows how Operations and Algebraic Thinking can be viewed as a unified field by understanding how children's intuitive strategies naturally draw upon the properties of operations and other algebraic concepts. This book also shows how teachers can increase their own knowledge of mathematics in the process of interacting with their children and reflecting about their practice.

This paper aims to optimize Sundanese ethnomathematics learning by improving the creative thinking ability of mathematics, geometry thinking, and algebra of primary school students. Teaching materials prepared by qualitative research, the didactical design research method. The research subject which used in the learning obstacle test is the fifth-grade primary school students with a total of 71 students. The Initial design didactic and revised design didactic, four-grade primary students with a total of 32 students. The resulting research Sundanese ethnomathematics learning by using a Sundanese cultural board and engklek games can optimize the creative thinking ability of mathematics, geometry thinking, and algebra of primary school.

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Thinking mathematically: Integrating arithmetic and algebra in the elementary school. Portsmouth Request Full-text Paper PDF. To read Proving or refuting arithmetic claims: The case of elementary school teachers. Article.

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