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Horticulture therapy employs plants and gardening activities in therapeutic and rehabilitation activities and could be utilized to improve the quality of life of the worldwide aging population, possibly reducing costs for long-term, assisted living and dementia unit residents. Preliminary studies have reported the benefits of horticultural therapy and garden settings in reduction of pain, improvement in attention, lessening of stress, modulation of agitation, lowering of as needed medications, antipsychotics and reduction of falls. This is especially relevant for both the United States and the Republic of Korea since aging is occurring at an unprecedented rate, with Korea experiencing some of the world's greatest increases in elderly populations.

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Horticultural therapy HT has long been used in the rehabilitation of people with mental illness, but many HT programs are not standardized, and there have been few evaluation studies. This study evaluated the process and outcomes of a standardized horticultural program using a mixed methodology, i. The process and outcomes of the program, including stress and anxiety, engagement and participation, affect changes, mental well-being, and social exchange, were obtained using self-completed questionnaires, observational ratings of participants during the group, as well as through a focus group.

Horticulture therapy

We are often asked for recommended reading on various aspects of therapeutic gardening. Below are some reading suggestions from our network with their recommendations. Designing balconies, roof terraces and roof gardens for people with dementia. Author: Mary Marshall Published: Dementia Services Development Centre This book describes the practical ways in which new and existing buildings can maximise opportunities for people with dementia to access outside space in balconies, roof terraces and roof gardens. Designing outdoor spaces for people with dementia. Authors: A.

Garden therapy ; Social horticulture ; Therapeutic horticulture ; Vocational horticulture. Horticultural therapy is the practice of using horticultural activities for human healing and rehabilitation. Reference to the healing power of gardens and nature can be found as far back as ancient Greek times and through to recent times. In the United States, earliest articles published regarding the value of horticulture and gardening to human health are from the s. This entry will present the historical background of the profession of horticultural therapy in the United States, mention the key people in establishing the profession, define horticultural therapy, review the theoretical framework, and consider the future of the profession.

What Is the Evidence to Support the Use of Therapeutic Gardens for the Elderly?

The article presents the results of a study conducted to assess change in depression severity, and modification in the kynurenine pathway at participants. Presently, depression is one of the most regularly encountered mental illnesses. Research based on experimental studies indicated the beneficial effects of activities conducted in nature are reducing self-reported anger, fatigue, anxiety, stress and depression. The present study was conducted by measuring depression on both the subjective Beck Depression Inventory and the objective spectrophotometric analysis levels, to obtain more relevant information regarding the real change in depression levels, during the therapeutic horticulture intervention. Consequently, depression is assessed with the BDI doubled the data by assessing the levels of kynurenine and kynurenic acid obtained from biological samples.

Horticultural therapy has evolved from its use only by volunteer gardeners to become a recognized and respected therapeutic modality. Horticultural Therapy Methods is the first textbook to describe the processes and. This book presents types of programs,. It outlines treatment planning; development of sessions to meet treatment objectives;. New to this Edition: Various useful examples of horticultural therapy in practice and strategically placed tips and resources.

PDF | Horticultural therapy involves the use of those plants and related activities as tools to promote healing Horticulture as Therapy: Principles and Practice.

Horticultural Therapy Program for People with Mental Illness: A Mixed-Method Evaluation

Horticultural therapy also known as social and therapeutic horticulture or STH is defined by the American Horticultural Therapy Association AHTA as the engagement of a person in gardening and plant-based activities, facilitated by a trained therapist , to achieve specific therapeutic treatment goals. Goals and types of treatment vary depending on the facility using horticultural therapy. Institutions from schools and nursing homes to prisons utilize horticultural therapy to meet therapeutic needs. Each one of these facilities have different types of horticultural therapy, each with their own individual forms of treatment. Vocational Horticultural Therapy is intended to teach skill and enhance behaviors that can be used in a job or workplace.

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Using Horticultural Therapy for UW-Extension Programs

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Horticultural therapy

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PDF | On Jan 1, , Theresa L. Scott published Horticultural Therapy | Find, read (Eds.), Horticulture as therapy, principles and practice.

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Well-being has most often been described as the absence of poor health, but it can be better described being able to engage in activities that bring a person satisfaction.