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Neutralization And Antibody Dependent Enhancement Of Dengue Viruses Pdf

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The challenges associated with whole DENV-based vaccine strategies necessitate re-focusing our attention toward the designed dengue vaccine candidates, capable of inducing predominantly type-specific immune responses. The generation of type-specific antibodies to each of the four DENV serotypes by the designed vaccines could avoid the immune evasion mechanisms of DENVs.

Dengue virus DENV is the cause of dengue fever. It is a mosquito -borne, single positive-stranded RNA virus of the family Flaviviridae ; genus Flavivirus.

The pathogenesis of dengue virus infection is attributed to complex interplay between virus, host genes and host immune response. Host factors such as antibody-dependent enhancement ADE , memory cross-reactive T cells, anti-DENV NS1 antibodies, autoimmunity as well as genetic factors are major determinants of disease susceptibility. Genomic variation of dengue virus and subgenomic flavivirus RNA sfRNA suppressing host immune response are viral determinants of disease severity. Apart from viral factors, several host genetic factors and gene polymorphisms also have a role to play in pathogenesis of DENV infection. This review article highlights the various factors responsible for the pathogenesis of dengue and also highlights the recent advances in the field related to biomarkers which can be used in future for predicting severe disease outcome.

Antibody-Dependent Enhancement of Viral Infections

Antiviral antibodies constitute an important component of the host immune response against viral infections and serve to neutralize and reduce infectivity of the virus. However, these antibodies, intended to protect the host, may sometimes prove beneficial to the virus, by facilitating viral entry and replication in the target cell. The internalized immune complexes then modulate host immune response so as to enhance viral replication and aggravate disease severity. The possibility of induction of ADE remains a concern in the development and implementation of viral vaccines and immunotherapeutics. Antibody-dependent enhancement ADE of infection represents a paradoxical phenomenon in host—pathogen biology, in which, antibody, an important pillar of the host defense against invading pathogen, actually allows entry of the pathogen into host territory. This traitorous behavior of the antibody further serves to weaken the host defense system and thus generates an environment conducive for enhanced growth of the pathogen and consequently exacerbates disease in the host. This phenomenon has far-reaching implications for disease control and prevention, as therapeutic antibodies deployed to protect the host may aid the pathogen instead.

The Complexity of Antibody-Dependent Enhancement of Dengue Virus Infection

If the address matches an existing account you will receive an email with instructions to reset your password. If the address matches an existing account you will receive an email with instructions to retrieve your username. In general, virus-specific antibodies are considered antiviral and play an important role in the control of virus infections in a number of ways. However, in some instances, the presence of specific antibodies can be beneficial to the virus. This activity is known as antibody-dependent enhancement ADE of virus infection. This phenomenon has been reported in vitro and in vivo for viruses representing numerous families and genera of public health and veterinary importance.

Neutralization and Antibody-Dependent Enhancement of Dengue Viruses. February ; Advances Request Full-text Paper PDF. To read the full-text of this.

Current Understanding of the Pathogenesis of Dengue Virus Infection

Metrics details. Antibodies are critical responses to protect the host from dengue virus DENV infection. Antibodies target DENV by two pathologic mechanisms: virus neutralization and infection enhancement. A total of pair serum samples from adult healthy volunteers were obtained during the dengue season in Ha Noi in for evaluation of neutralizing and infection-enhancing activity.

Infection with each DENV serotype causes an array of clinical diseases, ranging from dengue without warning signs, dengue with warning signs to severe dengue-dengue haemorrhagic fever and dengue shock syndrome 1 — 4. Individuals infected with one serotype can acquire lifelong homotypic immunity 5 ; however, those suffering secondary DENV infection with another serotype may have a greater risk of progressing to severe dengue 6.

Antibody-Dependent Enhancement of Virus Infection and Disease

Mayra R. Montecillo-Aguado, Alfredo E. IPN Col. This represents a major health concern, given the high homology between these two viruses, which can result in cross-reactivity. The aim of this study was to determine the cross-reacting antibody response of the IgM and IgG classes against the recombinant envelope protein of ZIKV rE-ZIKV in sera from patients with acute-phase infection of different clinical forms of dengue, i.

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Request PDF | On Mar 29, , Tadahiro Sasaki and others published Dengue virus neutralization and antibody-dependent enhancement activities of and/or human monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) specific to viral surface.

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Antibody-dependent enhancement ADE has been proposed as a mechanism to explain dengue hemorrhagic fever DHF in the course of a secondary dengue infection.

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