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Direct And Indirect Effects Of Self-image Congruence On Brand Loyalty Pdf

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Self-Image Congruence, Functional Congruence, and Mobile App Intention to Use

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View Stats. This study examines the driving factors that can enhance tourist destination loyalty. Respondents used were domestic tourists who had traveled to Bali. Data were analyzed using Structural Equation Modeling. Amos version 21 is used to process data. These results indicate that destination personality can improve the relationship destination but memorable tourist experience can not enhance it.

Scientific Research An Academic Publisher. However, Landon [4] found while ideal self-congruity has a greater effect than actual self-congruity for some consumers, actual self-congruity has the greater effect for others. This research is of practical relevance to brand managers. Along with emotional brand attitude, consumer brand loyalty is one of the popular predictors of behavior toward a brand [8]. In particular, this research focuses on the fitness market, in which self-esteem and self-concept are relevant concepts. All involve measuring similarity between some aspect of a brand and individual self-concept.

The purpose of this research aims to prove the effect of personality traits and congruity to customer satisfaction and brand loyalty on Janji Jiwa in Surabaya. The type of research used is basic business research with causal objectives and quantitative research approaches. This research uses a purposive sampling approach with the sample is respondents aged 18 years and above and have consumed Samyang instant noodles. Respondents used in this study were people. Keywords: personality traits, congruity, customer satisfaction, brand loyalty. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.

This research aims to analyze self congruity towards destination loyalty which is moderated by cultural value on visitors to Owabong tourism object. To answer the research questions and hypothesis testing this research shared questionnaires to respondents. As respondents in this research, visitors of Owabong tourism objects which selected by a simple random method. The results of the research will be analyzed by regression analysis tool to determine the effect of the variables tested.

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Hal ini merupakan peluang yang baik untuk perusahaan menargetkan segmen milenial. Disisi lain milenial memiliki karakter yang unik salah satunya adalah mereka akan membeli merek yang sesuai dengan kepribadian dan lifestyle mereka oleh karena itu penelitian ini dilakukan bertujuan untuk mengetahui pengaruh self-image congruence pada brand association, perceived quality, brand trust hingga brand loyalty. Dalam penelitian ini subjek penelitian adalah pengguna iPhone yang berusia milenial.

A survey with street intercept method was conducted in Shanghai to collect data for this study. Multiple independent t -tests and structural equation modeling SEM with bootstrap method were used to test the hypotheses. First, brands need to strategically design the brand image to represent the largest segment of the target market.

Although the research on the technology acceptance model TAM has received much attention, limited research has been done on the role of self-image congruence on the mobile application app intention to use. Therefore, leveraging the lens of the self-congruence theory, the primary objective of the present research is to examine the impact of self-image and functional congruence on the mobile app intention to use. We conduct a survey and collect responses from Chinese smartphone users. The results of the current research reveal that self-image congruence is positively significantly related to mobile app intention to use. Also, our findings show that symbolic congruence is a vital determinant of the mobile app intention to use among Chinese smartphone users. Overall, the present study extends the understanding of TAM and concludes that symbolic congruence, such as functional attributes, is equally essential for technology intention to use.


The purpose of this paper is threefold. First, it aims to clarify the moderating role of self-esteem SE and susceptibility to normative influence SNI in the relationship between brand love and brand loyalty. Second, the study proposes modeling the mediation role of brand love and outlining how SE and SNI affect the consumer-brand relationship. Finally, the study explores the impact of brand love on brand loyalty: the moderating role of self-esteem and social influences, as the literature regarding this is still lacking. Data were collected via an online survey, which yielded responses. Structural equation modeling was used to predict the research model. The findings indicate that both SE and SNI mediate the relationship between brand love and brand loyalty.

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