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Arduino Door Lock Using 4x4 Keypad And Servo Motor Pdf

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In this article, I will explain about the locking and unlocking door by keypad using Arduino. Do not worry, it's easy to implement.

So there is a lot of robbery, theft going on in and around the world. So, people fear to keep any of their valuables in their homes. Henceforth, many people prefer to keep it in banks. However, in this insecure world even banks are not too safe enough to satisfy people needs. A common man feels his valuables are secured if there is efficiency in security.

Door Lock By Keypad Using Arduino

Yogi S. Patil Saurabh S. Sahotre Vishal P. So there is a lot of robbery, theft going on in and around the world. So, people fear to keep any of their valuables in their homes. However, in this insecure world even banks are not too safe enough to satisfy people needs.

Password Based Door Lock Security System Using Arduino & Keypad

Arduino door lock recently while renovating at headquarters we discussed the purchase of combination door locks. I decided to come up with a plan to build these locks. That s how we got started to develop this project and are very happy with the way it finally looks. Automatic door lock system project pdf. You know the ones with the keypad and the 4 digit pin that unlocks the door.

Staff, in a project stated that the major drivers of Arduino door. lock using 4x4 Keypad and Servo Motor are the Arduino mega. and a servo.

Password Protected Locking System Using Arduino

There are so many types of security systems present today but behind the scene, for authentication they all relay on fingerprint, retina scanner, iris scanner, face id, tongue scanner, RFID reader, password, pin, patterns, etc. Off all the solutions the low-cost one is to use a password or pin-based system. So, in this project, I have built an Arduino Keypad Door Lock which can be mounted to any of your existing doors to secure them with a digital password.

Access Control With Arduino + Keypad 4x4 + Servo (UPDATE)


Abstract: Security and safety is major concern in every aspect of human life. The number of crimes in theft are increasing day by day security systems are necessary everywhere like banks, offices, home lockers etc. Because of technological advancement new systems are introduced one of such system is password protected electronic locking system that provide great benefit over a traditional lock system, as well as great security , the implemented locker system comprises of arduino, GSM, keypad, buzzer etc, in order to have access to the locker system one should know the correct password ,if any intruder tries to open the locker system the owner will be notified via buzzer and SMS send to his cell phone. Innovative technologies are developed by people to make the human life easier, the world is using technological advances in many different ways, and one of these ways is security system. Because of innovation in electronic field the electronic security systems is getting more importance. Locks are present in both complex and simple design, locks which are simple in design are easy to use often are easy to breach into but the locks that are complex in design are tough to breach but tedious to use. Traditional lock system can be easily broken by the thieves and owner are not even aware of it, today the locker security has reached to high level where control lies in the hands of owner.

The result of an accomplished Kickstarter campaign, the UL3 is a keypad door lock with a built-in fingerprint scanner which gives you an additional layer of security. I have figured out how to open doors before, but I didn't use it for personal gain or feel the need to brag about it. Keyless entry systems have been a target for decades; read old Phrack issues for stories, and even listings of the very small complete sets of combinations. Bluetooth enabled features allow you to keep tabs of who comes and goes and issue Access Codes remotely. Pros: Entirely mechanical, so there are no batteries to worry about. I question whether publicly posting these discoveries on a blog is in line with the hacker ethic.


This should be a cool and easy project. We will conect a small thin Keypad that I've bought from eBay for less than 70 cnts to one Arduino microntroller. You could use any Arduino boar that you want. Using the KeyPad library we will be able to read each of the 16 buttons that this keypad has using just 8 pins of the arduino. The library use is simple.

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GSM based Door Locking and Unlocking System

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