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The good news is that there are technologies to help manage many of the day-to-day work related to payroll, benefits, and other transactional HR activities.

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Personnel Management: Definition, Nature, Role, HRM Vs Personnel Management

Human resource management HRM is the process of acquiring, training, appraising, and compensating employees, and of attending to their labor relations, health and safety, and fairness concerns.

Dale Yoder defines Human Resource Management as that part of the phase of management dealing effectively with control and use of manpower as distinguished from other sources of power. According to F. Brech , Human Resource Management is that part of management progress which is primarily concerned with the human constituents of an organization.

According to Leon C. What is HRM Nature? Human resource management aims at fulfilling the goal of each individual and the organization on a whole. Nature of human resource management are:.

Human Resource Management is an inherent part of an organization. It is pervasive in nature and present in all enterprises at all levels of management. It is the responsibility of each manager to select the right candidate under him and pay attention to the development and satisfaction of each sub-ordinate. Human Resource Management focuses on and values people at work both as individuals and groups.

It encourages people to develop their full potential and in return give the best to the organization. Human Resource Management does follow rules, records, and policies but it stresses the action. The focus is on providing an effective and timely solution to employees for any problems, tensions, or controversies faced by them.

To sustain and grow in this competitive environment organizations follow long term strategic planning. Effective Human Resource Management prepares people for current as well as future challenges, especially working in an environment characterized by dramatic changes.

HRM continuously works towards the development of employees. There are various tools used to make the employees reach their maximum potential. Training programs are held to help employees enhance their skills and knowledge. Monetary and non-monetary reward structures are tuned to motivate the employees.

HRM helps to build a healthy relationship between the employees at various levels. It encourages mentoring and counseling to help employees in times of need. It aims at creating a culture in the organization that is conducive to learning and growth. The knowledge that has influenced Human Resource Management is interdisciplinary in nature.

It drives knowledge from five major bodies: education, system theory, economics, psychology, and organizational behaviour. What is HRM Scope? Human Resource management has a very wide scope, Every department and activity in an organization needs human resources, even if it is about running machinery. The scope of human resource management can be broadly divided into three:.

The objective here is to ensure the individual growth of each employee which indirectly contributes to the overall growth of the entire organization. This aspect of HRM is concerned with the working condition and the amenities at the workplace. It makes the environment worth working by eliminating workplace hazards, providing job safety, medical and health services etc.

The main aim of this aspect is to maintain peace and harmony in the organization. It requires effective interaction with the labour or employee unions, sensitively addressing their grievances and settling their disputes. The primary objective of HRM is to place a competent and willing workforce in the right position and at the right time. Further, it aims to obtain maximum individual development, desirable working conditions and at the same time, it focuses on contributing to the realization of the organizational goals.

The main objectives of HRM are:. The Importance of human resource management can be discussed at three levels:. The survival and growth of the organization depend largely on the competence and its effective management. Human resource management makes workers efficient and motivated through training, supervision, and inspiring leadership.

It tries to maintain the balance between the available jobs and the job seekers according to their needs and organizational requirement. Its significance can also be determined by the elimination of wastages and providing a healthy and conducive environment for employee growth.

Human Resource Management has moved to a specialist function. The realization of employee goals is the sole responsibility, as a specialist function. Its focus has moved from employee management to employee development. The skills development and individual capacity utilization are the challenges faced by human resource managers in the current scenario.

Job of an HR manager is the most challenging one as there is no factor of production as complex as people. HR managers need to integrate processes, people and technology in an efficient and effective manner that should enable the organization to achieve its goals.

While doing all this they need to assess, develop, reward and retain a wide variety of people. Discussed below are the skill sets that an efficient HR manager should possess. HR managers should possess knowledge of all the diverse fields that collectively run a business.

Since HR management is required in all the departments and at all levels, it is important that HR managers should be competent in all the diverse areas of finance, sales, marketing, operations etc. HR managers should possess the mental ability to communicate, articulate and handle people and situations with intelligence He should have the learning skills as he needs to continuously upgrade himself to stay abreast with the outside world.

HR managers should have both leadership and executive skills. They should be able to lead a large group of people towards a course of action that is in the best interest of the individual as well as the organization.

He should be organized as there is no margin of error when dealing with the lives and careers of people. He should have a comprehensive understanding of HR policies, principles, programs, practices and laws. For healthy and successful running of a business, it is very important that the HR managers comply with the code of moral principles and values with respect to what is right or wrong.

Employees should be coached from time to time and their ethical dilemmas should be cleared. In case of any violation, the company should not hesitate to punish the unethical behaviour of the employees. HR professionals should communicate clearly and fairly and aim to promote equity. HR professionals are company conscience and keepers of confidential information. They should respect and maintain privacy always.

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The Nature of Contemporary HRM

Every organization, large or small, uses a variety of capital to make the business work. Capital includes cash, valuables, or goods used to generate income for a business. For example, a retail store uses registers and inventory, while a consulting firm may have proprietary software or buildings. No matter the industry, all companies have one thing in common: they must have people to make their capital work for them. Human resource management HRM is the process of employing people, training them, compensating them, developing policies relating to them, and developing strategies to retain them. In the past, HRM meant processing payroll, sending birthday gifts to employees, arranging company outings, and making sure forms were filled out correctly—in other words, more of an administrative role rather than a strategic role crucial to the success of the organization. For example, most managers deal with compensation, motivation, and retention of employees—making these aspects not only part of HRM but also part of management.

HRM ensures the smooth functioning of an organisation. The process starts with formulating the right policies for the job requirements and ends with ensuring a successful business growth of the company. Therefore, HRM is an invisible agent that binds all the aspects of the organisation to ensure smooth progress. In this modern era, organisations have become more people-centric than ever — especially since this approach pays great dividends in terms of enhanced employee performance and lower attrition rates. Human Resource Management or HRM plays a key role in allowing employers and organisations to reach their objective. The functions of HRM hold great significance in the growth and overall development of the organisations. After all, when the employees grow and develop their skills, the organisation will automatically experience growth and expansion.

1.1 What Is Human Resources?

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Recruitment is the process of identifying an organizational gap and attracting, evaluating, and hiring employees to fill that role. Recruitment is the process of attracting, screening, and selecting employees for an organization. The different stages of recruitment are: job analysis, sourcing, screening and selection, and onboarding. There are many recruitment approaches as well.

Personnel management can be defined as obtaining, using and maintaining a satisfied workforce. It is a significant part of management concerned with employees at work and with their relationship within the organization. Nature of Personnel management includes the function of employment, development, and compensation- These functions are performed primarily by the personnel management in consultation with other departments. Personnel manager is the head of the personnel department. He performs both managerial and operative functions of management.

Human Resource Management (HRM) Nature, Scope, Objective

This is too simple a statement and fails to capture the essence of human resource management. HRM consists of people-related functions as hiring, training and development, performance review, compensation, safety and health, welfare, industrial relations and the like. Obviously, building human capital is the major function of an HR professional.

Human resource management HRM is the process of acquiring, training, appraising, and compensating employees, and of attending to their labor relations, health and safety, and fairness concerns. Dale Yoder defines Human Resource Management as that part of the phase of management dealing effectively with control and use of manpower as distinguished from other sources of power. According to F.

Human resources may be defined as the total knowledge, skills, creative abilities, talents and aptitudes of an organization's workforce.

Human Resource Management 101: Functions, Policies & Procedures

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Nature of Human Resource Management

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