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Advanced Financial Accounting - Volume 01

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Advanced Financial Accounting - Volume 01

However, a trader may send goods to an agent to sell them for him. These goods are said to be sent on consignment. The main features are: a The trader sends the goods to the agent. The goods do not belong to the agent; his job is to sell them for the trader. The goods are owned by the trader until they are sold. The trader sending the goods is called the consignor.

Due to increasing size of market, it is quite obvious that manufacturers or whole sellers cannot approach directly to every customer around the state or nation. To overcome this limitation, manufacturers normally appoint reliable agents at every desired location to reach the customers directly. He makes an agreement with local traders who can sell goods on his behalf on commission basis. Here, ultimate ownership of the goods remains with the manufacturer or whole seller who handovers goods to his agent for sale on commission basis. Consignment is merely a transfer of possession of goods not an ownership.

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Consignment accounts

Learning Objectives:. Prepare journal entries, consignment account and consignee account in the books of consignor. Prepare journal entries and consignor account in the books of consignee. Riaz Sugar Factory of Multan, consigned to Mr.

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Consignment Accounting Exercises And

Business organisation sometimes sale their goods through agents as an alternative to selling goods themselves. Consignment is a kind of business expansion without opening a branch in a new potential market. In Consignment, a manufacturer or wholesaler dispatches goods to an agent who has a better knowledge of the local market, for the purpose of sale.

Prepare journal entries,consignmentaccount and consignee account in the books of consignor. Prepare journal entries and consignor account in the books of consignee. They also paid cartage, freight, etc. Required:Make journal entries in respect of the above transactions in the books of consignor as well as the consignee. Goods sent onconsignment Bank expenses Shahid Ali Profit and loss account 10, 1, 12, Cr. ToTradingaccount 10, Cr.

04.Classification of accounts, Accounting Equation & Accounting Cycle - Class 11 - Accountancy

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Accounting for Consignment

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