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Ac Sources Software Simplifies Testing To Mil And Aerospace Standards Pdf

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Fifty-Year Old EMI Testing Problems Solved!

These sources have the capability of providing avariety of output voltages from 0 to VAC, frequencies from 15 to Hz, and advancedmeasurement capabilities including: voltage, current, crest fac to r, power fac to r, inrush current, to talpower, reactive power and real power.

The Chroma Single Phase Series features an external voltage input that can be used with anarbitrary waveform genera to r to create complex waveforms. This allows cost effective solution forrequirements beyond a simple sinusoidal signal output.

The software allows for easy setup, and the ability to create a sequence of tests and reporting features to s to re measurements to a file. The timing on a sequence can be controlleddown to ms. Figure 1. Page 3 of Application NoteFigure 2. This transientgenera to r allows for user defined waveforms, harmonics, and square wave output using built in modessuch as list, step, harmonics and pulse. The transient genera to rfeature allows for quicker dips, drops and user defined waveforms.

The basic modes of operation allow a user to create an unlimited variety of outputs to simulate bothnormal and abnormal conditions that a product might see during use. These modes can be programmedfrom the front panel of the AC sources. The software has a reporting feature that allows all measuredparameters to be logged during testing for future analysis and report generation.

The next sections show the use of the Soft Panel software in creating a variety of test sequences and waveforms. Page 4 of This allows for creation of quick dips, drops, and transients. Voltages and frequencies can also be ramped up or down at various rates or combinations.

Figure 3. Sequence Test showing various combinationsPulse ModePulse mode is used to create a pulse in a specific duty cycle in the normal signal output. The normalsignal output can be controlled for both amplitude and frequency, and the pulse for amplitude,frequency, duty cycle and starting phase. Figure 4. Page 5 of One example of this would be to program the voltage to start 50V and vary insteps to V. Figure 5. Step Mode showing voltage stepping upHarmonic Synthesis ModeThe main waveform of fundamental frequency is Sine wave and the user can the edit the 2 to 40 stepsof harmonic to create a wide variety of waveforms.

These waveforms can be s to red for later recall. The waveform is downloaded real-time in to the source. Figure 6. Page 6 of Application NoteChroma , , and with TG Option and Mil itary Aerospace Soft PanelThe Soft Panel features all of the basic modes of operation covered in the previous sectionsfor the Soft Panel such as list, step, pulse, harmonic synthesis, and waveform edi to r.

The userselects the appropriate st and ard from a pull-down list and then all the predefined tests for thatst and ard are shown and can be selected for testing.

The predefined tests can be modified and saved ifrequired. Figure 7. Pull-down box showing predefined st and ardsThe next sections will illustrate the screens for each of the 5 st and ards that are covered in the software. Each category window will show respective test items for that category. Figure 8. Page 7 of Each category window will show the respective test items forthat category. Figure 9. Page 8 of These are the st and ard test procedures used to verify equipment that utilizes variable frequency VAC single and 3-phase power.

Figure Page 9 of The test was created usingthe list mode in the Mil itary Aerospace Soft Panel. The trace shows very goodresponse with a 24VDC dip for 0. Page 10 of Page 3 of 11 Application NoteFigure 2.

Page 6 of 11 Application NoteChroma , , and with TG Option and Mil itary Aerospace Soft PanelThe Soft Panel features all of the basic modes of operation covered in the previous sectionsfor the Soft Panel such as list, step, pulse, harmonic synthesis, and waveform edi to r. Short-link Link Embed. Share from cover. Share from page:. More magazines by this user.

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DCR DC Output Module

Enables quick and easy configuration of complete, high efficiency, compact, multi-output power systems. A novel approach to industrial rectifier systems: Dense, efficient and modular architecture enabled by fixed-ratio bus converters. Reduce load capacitance in noise-sensitive, high-transient applications, through implementation of active filtering. Scalable power solutions allow marine instrumentation to keep precision while operating in extreme environments. Minimizing the weight, size and transmission losses due to heavy cabling gives tethered UAVs better performance. Explosive-proof camera images in variable lighting conditions become more clear, sharp and accurate with AC-DC solution.

There have been inherent problems with audio frequency conducted susceptibility tests since their inception. These issues are resolved using a novel but inexpensive transducer described herein. Ideally, enough of the injected potential drops across the test sample so that the required ripple potential is developed there. The purpose of the 10 uF feedthrough capacitor is to be a low impedance shunt at frequencies where the LISNs become a significant impedance, forcing most of the injected potential to drop across the test sample. For a dc bus, the capacitor value can be increased without bound, and a value such as 10, uF ensures, for all practicality, that the injected potential does indeed appear across the test sample.

Dec 18, White Paper. This white paper explores the challenges facing today's armament maintainer as new weapon systems enter service, and shows how innovative solutions are changing the armament test paradigm. Read more Jan 11, version: D Marvin Test Solutions, a vertically-integrated aerospace test and measurement company, has created and delivered innovative, reliable test systems for factory, depot, intermediate, and flightline use since

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One way to visualize the behavior of the RLC series circuit is with the phasor diagram shown in the illustration above. The simulator comes with many features that were designed to simplify the simulation, and include its circuit attributes and waveforms. Simcir is an online circuit simulator.

Why register? Registration allows access to the entire site including downloads of our application notes and users manuals. Register or login to continue. This application note will show how the hipot tester can be used not just as a means to check the DC Leakage Current or the Insulation Resistance, but can also be used to verify the existence and the value This application note illustrates how to test power line filters using a Chroma instrument.

EMC Pre-testing Simplifies NEBS Compliance

A brief description of the GRCORE document is presented to familiarize the reader with the importance of this requirement. A description of the types of equipment that are typically required to meet the Lightning and Power Fault test is provided. As a result of this growth, the Regional Bell Operating Companies RBOC and other service providers are attempting to bring new devices online at a rapid pace. These two documents are known as the Network Equipment Building Systems NEBS requirements and are designed to assure the safe and efficient operation of the Network in a wide range of harsh environments.

For best results, a three phase AC Power Source is recommended. No other equipment is needed to provide DC power. No DC bias supply is needed to operate the DCR unit and only convection cooling is needed to cool the unit so no fan noise is present.

Performing GR-1089-Core Lightning and Power Cross Test

To get a basic understanding of NEBS, visit www.

Why register? Registration allows access to the entire site including downloads of our application notes and users manuals. Register or login to continue. This method will determine whether

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Software Simplifies Testing to Mil and Aerospace Standards


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The Soft Panel is a Windows based software package designed for control of the SeriesSingle Phase AC Source. The software allows for easy.