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There are several classes of antiretroviral agents that act on different stages of the HIV life-cycle.

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Management of HIV/AIDS

Some individuals may have trouble tolerating ARV treatment due to side effects, or they may not work effectively for that individual, requiring them to change to a second- or third-line treatment regimen. If individuals do not take the medication as directed for example, taking it occasionally or intermittently , it can increase the likelihood of resistance, where the HIV strain adapts to the treatment and make ARV medications ineffective. These AIDS-defining conditions are a range of infections, cancers and illnesses that can occur due to advanced stages of HIV infection. Antiretroviral medications are a group of drugs that inhibit different steps in the HIV replication process. In this way, they can suppress HIV infection but never entirely eliminate it from the body. There are four categories of ARV medications :.

Understanding prescribing trends for hepatitis C treatment in Ontario. A third drug from a different class is added to these two to create an effective combination that attacks HIV at different points. Integrase inhibitors , another class of antiretroviral drugs, have several advantages: When taken as part of combination therapy they quickly suppress the amount of HIV in the blood. They generally cause relatively few side effects and are less likely to interact with other medicines. Protease inhibitor PI —based combinations tend to involve more pills than other combinations and may have to be taken with food.

Antiretroviral therapy (anti-HIV drugs)

The class of each drug appears after the name of the drug. There are currently 6 major classes of antiretroviral drugs: nucleoside analogue reverse transcriptase inhibitor NRTI , nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor NNRTI , protease inhibitor PI , fusion inhibitor, chemokine coreceptor antagonist consisting of 2 subclasses: CCR5 antagonist and CXCR4 antagonist , and integrase inhibitor. Nucleoside analogues bear a structural resemblance to the natural building blocks of DNA: the nucleosides adenosine and guanosine, thymidine and cytidine. Nucleoside analogues are triphosphorylated within the cell, and some undergo further modifications didanosine, for example, is converted into its active moiety, 2',3'-dideoxyadenosine-5'-triphosphate. Nucleotide analogues resemble monophosphorylated nucleosides, and therefore require only 2 additional phosphorylations to become active inhibitors of DNA synthesis. Reverse transcriptase fails to distinguish the phosphorylated NRTIs from their natural counterparts, and attempts to use the drugs in the synthesis of viral DNA. PIs bind to the active site of the viral protease enzyme, preventing the processing of viral proteins into functional conformations.

Human immunodeficiency virus HIV infection is now recognized as a chronic illness. Although the success of highly active antiretroviral therapy is beyond question, several issues still persist. Since the drugs cannot eradicate the virus, cure is not yet possible, and patients have to maintain a lifelong adherence with the risk of toxic effects, drug-drug interactions and drug resistance. A clear understanding of the viral replication and its interaction with host cell factors has led to the development of a large number of effective antiretroviral drugs ARVs. New drugs in the existing class such as apricitabine, elvucitabine and etravirine have shown promising results against HIV isolates resistant to first line drugs. These drugs have offered a new choice for patients with drug resistant disease. However, the impact of their long term use on safety is yet to be assessed.


Life long treatment is necessary. As the patient often receives additional treatment for opportunistic infections and for complications of antiretroviral therapy itself, it is imperative that the prescribing physician become very familiar with the adverse effects, pharmacokinetic properties and drug interaction profile of all antiretrovirals. The ease with which HIV develops and archives resistance mandates very careful prescription and only by physicians experienced and knowledgeable in its use. Failing this, the current scenario with antibiotics and multi-drug resistant bacteria will be quickly replicated in HIV therapy. Four classes of 18 antiretroviral agents are currently in use in Hong Kong.

HIV drugs cannot cure HIV , but they can help you stay healthy by preventing the virus from reproducing making copies of itself. With a low viral load, you are more likely to have a healthy immune system and less likely to transmit HIV to others. When your viral load is undetectable, it is not possible for you to transmit HIV to a partner during sex. This is the foundation for HIV treatment as prevention.

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Antiretroviral drugs: Critical issues and recent advances


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There are more than 30 antiretroviral medications in six drug classes; these After the HIV virus releases its genetic material into a host cell.

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Each class of drug attacks HIV in a different way.

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Within 3 decades of its discovery, HIV AIDS has become the number one killer infectious New class of drugs: Fusion inhibitors (FI), CCR5 Antagonists, Integrase sample to a central laboratory from other parts of the country. Manual of 4th Inter country workshop on clinical management of HIV/AIDS SEARO, Bangkok.

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The main treatment for HIV is a class of drugs called antiretrovirals.

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Today, the standard therapy for HIV/AIDS is highly active antiretroviral therapy prescription and only by physicians experienced and knowledgeable in its use. Four classes of 18 antiretroviral agents are currently in use in Hong Kong.