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Alternative Medicine.

Correspondence Address : Dr. Background: Mother tinctures are commonly prescribed in day to day practice as therapeutic agents by homoeopathic practitioners.

Classical homeopathy is based on the therapeutic application of highly diluted homeopathic stocks. The indications of such medicines are determined by proving, i. However, there are several complex homeopathic medicinal products on the market with approved therapeutic indications. The efficacy of these medicines has been assessed in clinical trials on patients.

Essential Drug List – Common Homeopathic medicines for all Seasons

Correspondence Address : Dr. Background: Mother tinctures are commonly prescribed in day to day practice as therapeutic agents by homoeopathic practitioners.

However, being the base preparation of medicines, safety of mother tinctures still remains a challenge because of the high variability of chemical components involved. The present study investigated the acute and sub-acute oral toxicity of different homoeopathic mother tinctures Bellis perennis, Curcuma longa, Rauwolfia serpentina, Ricinnus communis, Tribulus terrestris and Terminalia arjuna in experimental models.

Methods: Toxicity studies were conducted to assess the level to which substances are toxic for humans and animals. At the end of 28 days, the animals were sacrificed and toxicity was assessed on parameters such as blood, biochemistry and histopathology.

Results: Results indicate that there were no toxic symptoms observed in tested animals. Results of sub-acute toxicity study did not show any change in body weight, haematological and biochemical parameters as compared to control.

The histopathological examination of kidney and liver also did not reveal any organ toxicities. Users Online This article has been cited by 1 Human kidney proximal tubule cells are vulnerable to the effects of Rauwolfia serpentina Miriam E. Mossoba,Thomas J. Flynn,Sanah Vohra,Paddy L. Wiesenfeld,Robert L. Sprando Cell Biology and Toxicology. Users Online Home. Evaluation of safety profile of homoeopathic mother tinctures. Indian J Res Homoeopathy ; Figure 1: Effect of administering different mother tinctures on acute oral toxicity study for observation period of 14 days Click here to view.

Figure 2: Photomicrographs were taken at magnification 10X. Pictomicrographs demonstrate no degeneration of the glomerular structure or interstitium in any of the groups. Thus, no histopathological changes were observed in kidney tissues of treated group when compared with control group. Figure 3: Photomicrographs were taken at magnification 10X.

Pictomicrographs demonstrate well-organised lobular structure, normal hepatic cells with clear nucleus, well preserved central vein and portal triad in all the treated groups. Thus, appears normal with no changes in liver tissues of treated groups as compared to control.

Table 1: Effect of administering different mother tinctures on body weight of rat over a period of 28 days Click here to view. Table 2: Effect of administering different mother tinctures on the organ weight of Wistar rat for period of 28 days Click here to view.

Table 4: Effect of administering different mother tinctures on the blood parameters RBC, WBC, platelet count, haemoglobin, bleeding time and clotting time of Wistar rat for period of 28 days Click here to view.

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Ann Saudi Med ; Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia of India. New Delhi: The Controller of Publications; Guidelines for the Testing of Chemicals, N Adopted: 17 th December Repeated dose oral toxicity test method. Guidelines for testing of chemicals, N Adopted: 16 th October Acute and sub-acute 28 day oral toxicity studies of hydroalcoholic leaf extract of ageratum conyzides.

Trop J Pharm Res ; This article has been cited by. Human kidney proximal tubule cells are vulnerable to the effects of Rauwolfia serpentina. Miriam E. Related articles Acute toxicity Histopathology Homoeopathic mother tinctures Sub-acute toxicity. Access Statistics. Material and Methods. Discussion and C Article Figures. Article Tables. Sitemap What's New Feedback Disclaimer.

Mother Tinctures

Reprod Med Int Infertility is the inability of a couple to achieve conception after one year of unprotected coitus. Today almost one in six couples face difficulty in conceiving 1. The rise in female infertility and the use of alternative systems in sharing the global burden of treating infertility has remarkably increased. Homoeopathy is often effective in curing infertility where conventional medicine either fails or is expensive or requires operative procedures and hormonal therapy with their added complication and side effects. To evaluate the efficacy of homoeopathic constitutional similimum in the management of female infertility. The outcome measures of positive pregnancy i.

Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available. About About this book Chapters Table of contents 5 chapters About this book Introduction Since the subject of high dilution effects is still a subject for debate, this volume provides evidence in support of effects from control clinical studies, clinical records from veteran physicians, controlled experiments on animals and plants, and in vitro tests without any organisms Chapter II. An overview of the methods for preparing drugs at ultra high dilution is also provided as well as the basic principles of homeopathy, which has been alleviating human suffering through the use of these drugs for several hundred years Chapter I.

Mother Tinctures: Therapeutics & Materia Medica by DR VINAY JAIN

Alternative Medicine. For most women, weight gain after pregnancy is an all-too-common nightmare. Homeopathy in India has grown to a large extent, from RM 1.

The high potential variability of chemical composition of the plant material involved in the manufacture of homoeopathic mother tinctures a common source of homoeopathic medicines , renders both their quality control and assurance a significant challenge Pande and Pathak, The absence of significant regulations regarding the quality of Complementary and Alternative Medicines CAM in South Africa contributes to this challenge Gqaleni et al, In order to assess any quality differences between local and international manufacturers, the following homoeopathic mother tinctures, Artemisia absinthium, Rosmarinus officinalis e foliis recentibus, Salvia officinalis and Sambucus nigra , were chosen on the basis that they can be grown both locally in South Africa and internationally and are prepared according to the German Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia GHP , method 3a. Photographs were taken of the resultant chromatograms, active components were identified, comparisons to the reference chromatograms were made and the overall quality of each homoeopathic mother tincture deduced.

This essential drug list EDL is published by the Dept. The essential drug list has been arrived keeping in mind disease prevalence, evidence of efficacy, safety and comparative cost effectiveness. It aims to provide a careful selection of essential medicines with a limited range resulting in higher quality of patient care.

Mother Tinctures

Basis of Homeopathy

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The Quality of Selected South African and International Homoeopathic Mother Tinctures

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In acute oral toxicity study, different homoeopathic mother tinctures were administered orally (a single dose of 4 ml/kg)and animals were observed.