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Role Of Education In Preservation And Transmission Of Culture Pdf

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Information is the key and literacy is fundamental, and media is what binds the two together. With India having celebrated its 70th Independence Day , it's time to delve further in to what we mean by Media Literacy and how it can act as a catalyst in promoting local culture and traditions. With a population of over 1.

The recent technological development has opened up innovative scenarios in the field of intangible cultural heritage ICH education and preservation. Main aim of this paper is to present a study, whose objective was to investigate whether and to what extent technologies can play a role in the ICH preservation and education.


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Role of education in preserving traditional cultures and as development factor

Functionalists believe that education equips people to perform different functional roles in society. Conflict theorists view education as a means of widening the gap in social inequality. Feminist theorists point to evidence that sexism in education continues to prevent women from achieving a full measure of social equality. Symbolic interactionists study the dynamics of the classroom, the interactions between students and teachers, and how those affect everyday life. In this section, you will learn about each of these perspectives. Functionalists view education as one of the more important social institutions in a society. They contend that education contributes two kinds of functions: manifest or primary functions, which are the intended and visible functions of education; and latent or secondary functions, which are the hidden and unintended functions.

Influence # 3. Promotion of Culture: Besides preservation and transmission, another vital function of education is to modify the existing cultural patterns in the light.

Media - Catalyst for Preserving and Promoting Local Culture

Maheshwari, M. Socio, Phil B. Ed, Ph. Former Principal, K.

Metrics details. The inheritance of ethnic cultures is an important subject in the field of educational anthropology. As the most important conduit for the passing along of ethnic cultures, education strongly impacts that inheritance.

Educational diversity and ethnic cultural heritage in the process of globalization

Culture to Enhance Education C. Language Choice Summary and Concluding Activity. The Interplay between Culture and Education The word culture has many different connotations and meanings, but as far as educational practices are concerned, a useful working definition may be: all those arts, beliefs, modes of behaviour and social institutions which characterize a community or an ethnic group.

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What is Cultural Heritage?


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The colonial expansion of European states in Africa was usually accompanied by missionary efforts to proliferate Christianity and European civilization.

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Education plays a major role in transmission of culture; this is achieved when preservation is done from one generation to another. Culture can be developed through education. Education brings the desirable change in both the culture and values for the progress and development of the society.