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Poole told Mr. Utterson that he feared Jekyll was murdered eight days ago.

Jekyll and Hyde duality quotes and analysis Watch. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. He stopped before Lily. Only a young, black haired man was sitting in a chair.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde Chapter 10 The Last Night: Plot Exposition

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Hyde , which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. When Jekyll became older and could reflect on his life, it astonished him how split his personality had become and he continued with shame to disguise his darker self. You can imagine a very different story told by Jekyll instead of Utterson with this as its beginning.

Active Themes. The Duality of Human Nature. As a scientist, Jekyll began to theorize that all men have an inherent dual nature. He starts to study mysticism, and feels that he is drawing nearer to the truth of the matter. As he becomes more sure of these identities, they seem to be both equally real aspects of him, and he dreams of separating them, each twin being able to reign independently in their opposite moods.

Mysticism is a kind of philosophy that deals more with religion and superstition than it does with the physical matter of the world. Science, Reason and the Supernatural.

Related Quotes with Explanations. Jekyll writes that he does not wish to go into the scientific details, but he eventually discovered a chemical concoction that will cause him to feel and to see a separation of his two fundamental elements. He is scared to try the potion out once it is finished, because he knew he risked overdosing or destroying one of his two halves. Even so, one night he mixes up the medicine and drinks it. He is immediately struck by painful sensations, both physical and spiritual.

But amid these horrible pains, comes something pleasurable—he turns into Mr. Hyde and feels a kind of reckless joy. Stevenson chooses not to go into the details of the potion or its anatomical effect too greatly. This may well be because he wants us to take a leap of faith and believe the transformation is real. It also accentuates the idea of repression that runs through the whole narrative. Even in what is supposed to be a confession, Jekyll is vague and secretive, leaving the full sensory experience to the imagination.

Jekyll is determined, even though he has obviously changed shape he is now much smaller, though he has no mirror to observe it , to go out of the lab and to his bedroom. He marvels at the feeling of being a stranger in his own house. Then, he describes seeing his new form for the first time. He notices that his evil self is less healthy looking, as if he has been worn out and deformed by his evil spirit.

But he is not repulsed. He feels as much identity with this image as he does with his more robust original one. He decides that the reason people looked on Hyde with such horror was because everyone is made of good and evil parts and so are unused to seeing such a purely evil being.

The theme of secrecy and repression is powerfully at work here. Jekyll longs to come clean and public about his split identity. For him, the transformation into Hyde signifies more than just a miracle of science, it is his chance to be himself, to speak the things that he has always silenced. The act of looking at the mirror at the manifestation of all his suppressed evil desires is a momentous, symbolic act.

Get the entire Dr. But he needs to perform a second experiment to make sure he can turn back to Dr. He rushes back to his cabinet and prepares another potion, drinks it, and becomes his former self. But though he sees himself as the virtuous side again, it is the desire for evil that now reigns over both beings. He becomes more and more obsessed with becoming Hyde , because every evil thought can be swiftly satisfied by drinking the potion.

Jekyll prepares a new life around his new identity, buys a house for Hyde in Soho, and begins to profit from having two faces. Hyde, who has been in the shadow of Jekyll until now, has been released with greater force than he exerted as a repressed, secret alter ego and is now taking over, putting Jekyll in the shadows. He is not just a supernatural, outsider anymore, he is being given a real life, with property and money. He describes himself as the first man who could shed the conscience of evil deeds and enjoy them, maintaining the respectability of Dr.

Jekyll whenever he wanted. But these deeds were becoming more monstrous and Dr. Jekyll at times cannot believe what Hyde has done, sometimes even trying to make amends for his evil twin. Even in his final confession, Jekyll seems to be suppressing the truth about his relationship to Hyde. He describes the freedom of being able to exercise his evil desires but the way he hints at his conscience suggest that they are not separate at all. But the next year, two months before the murder of Danvers Carew , things began to go wrong.

One night he woke up in bed to discover that he has woken up as Mr. He is astonished, having gone to bed as Dr. Jekyll and going to breakfast. Science has gone from holding a lot of power to now seeming small compared to the unexplainable laws that govern Hyde. But though he escapes detection, this event threatens Dr. He believes it is a sign of a coming judgment. He starts to feel that the balance between his two selves is shifting toward Hyde , and feels he has to choose between them.

But in the end he chooses the better part of himself. Now Jekyll is forced to choose between the two, he is given back a kind of moral authority. The trouble was how to maintain it. For two months, he enjoyed the life of Dr. But one night, he feels the evil desires of Hyde bubbling up within him and he gives in.

After such a long period of dormancy, Hyde was more furious and violent than ever. He knew then that it was impossible for him to keep becoming Hyde. The problem that once was one of natural and supernatural takes on a moral tone. The next day, the public anger at the murder of Carew becomes clear and Jekyll resolves himself to make amends by doing as much good as he can.

This time the balance, he says, is finally overthrown. He cannot resist Hyde anymore. He is sitting in a park, surrounded by sweetness, and considering his sympathy with his fellow man.

But just as this thought occurs to him, he feels a shudder, feels suddenly bold. He looks down and sees the hand of Edward Hyde on his knee. He has transformed into Hyde.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Jekyll and Mr. Plot Summary. All Characters Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde Mr. Gabriel Utterson Dr.

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jekyll and hyde duality quotes chapter 10

Jekyll was born to fortune and as a doctor, was guaranteed a high position in life. Even as a young man, however, Jekyll had a penchant for base pleasures. Although he seemed respectable in public, he wanted to live a life of duplicity. With such a view, his scientific experiments turned mystic and transcendental. From his ideas, he observed,.

I learned to recognise the thorough and primitive duality of man. This chapter offers a transcription of the letter Jekyll leaves for Utterson in the laboratory. Jekyll writes that upon his birth he possessed a large inheritance, a healthy body, and a hardworking, decent nature.

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jekyll and hyde duality quotes chapter 10

Ongoing Conversations

I was born [writes Jekyll] to a wealthy family and, after a good education, I gained the respect of all who knew me. I seemed to be guaranteed an honorable and distinguished future. If I had any single, serious flaw, it was that I was perhaps inclined to be a bit too spirited. Other people admired my light-hearted good nature, but personally, I was annoyed by it. I preferred to present an unchanging seriousness to the public. For that reason, I willfully decided to conceal all my pleasures. Now, years later, I realize that my life has been an admirable one, but it has certainly been a fraudulent one.

Stevenson, R. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Lit2Go Edition. Stevenson, Robert Louis.

Chapter 10 The Last Night. 28 does he seem to have power over the good, honest Dr Jekyll? When Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde () first went into English.

Chapter 10 - Henry Jekyll's Full Statement of the Case Notes from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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Source: Stevenson, R. L. (). The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Longmans, Green and co. Readability: Flesch–Kincaid.