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Describe the overall function of B-lymphocytes and their activation by T-dependent antigens in terms of the following:.

T-cell maturation, activation and differentiation T-cell maturation: The migration of progenitor T-cells from the early sites of hematopoiesis to the thymus takes place at about day 11 of gestation in mice and in 8 th or 9 th week of gestation in humans. T-cell maturation involves the re-arrangement of the germ-line TCR genes and the expression of various membrane markers. In thymus, the developing T cells are termed as thymocytes.

Activation and Regulation of B Cell Responses by Invariant Natural Killer T Cells

B cells , also known as B lymphocytes , are a type of white blood cell of the lymphocyte subtype. B cells, unlike the other two classes of lymphocytes, T cells and natural killer cells , express B cell receptors BCRs on their cell membrane. B cells develop from hematopoietic stem cells HSCs that originate from bone marrow. B cells undergo two types of selection while developing in the bone marrow to ensure proper development, both involving B cell receptors BCR on the surface of the cell. To complete development, immature B cells migrate from the bone marrow into the spleen as transitional B cells , passing through two transitional stages: T1 and T2.

Early B cell development and commitment to the B cell lineage occurs in the foetal liver prenatally, before continuing in the bone marrow throughout life. B cells are at the centre of the adaptive humoral immune system and are responsible for mediating the production of antigen-specific immunoglobulin Ig directed against invasive pathogens typically known as antibodies. Several distinct B-cell subsets have been defined that possess distinct functions in both adaptive and innate humoral immune responses. Immunoglobulins consist of two identical heavy and light chains, which are joined by disulphide bonds. During B cell development, rearrangement of the Ig heavy chain occurs first, commencing with D-J recombination, which takes place in the common lymphoid progenitors CLPs and pre-pro B cells.

Gabriel J. Izquierdo, Carlos A. B lymphocytes are the effectors of humoral immunity, providing defense against pathogens through different functions including antibody production. It is here that their antigen receptors surface immunoglobulin are assembled. In this paper, we describe B lymphocyte functions in autoimmunity and autoimmune diseases with a special focus on their abnormalities in systemic lupus erythematosus. Systemic lupus erythematosus SLE is the prototype of the systemic autoimmune diseases characterized by multiorgan involvement.

12.3F: B-Lymphocytes (B-Cells)

Tucker W. LeBien, Thomas F. Tedder; B lymphocytes: how they develop and function. Blood ; 5 : — The discovery that lymphocyte subpopulations participate in distinct components of the immune response focused attention onto the origins and function of lymphocytes more than 40 years ago.

1. B Cell Generation, Activation &. Differentiation. □. Naïve B cells-. – have not encountered Ag. – Have IgM and IgD on cell surface: have same binding VDJ.

B cell activation and the germinal centre response

Eran Diamant, Zohar Keren, Doron Melamed; CD19 regulates positive selection and maturation in B lymphopoiesis: lack of CD19 imposes developmental arrest of immature B cells and consequential stimulation of receptor editing. Blood ; 8 : — Ligand-independent signals that are produced by the B-cell antigen receptor BCR confer an important positive selection checkpoint for immature B cells. Generation of inappropriate signals imposes developmental arrest of immature B cells, though the fate of these cells has not been investigated. Studies have shown that the lack of CD19 results in inappropriate signaling.

B cells are activated when their B cell receptor BCR binds to either soluble or membrane bound antigen. This activates the BCR to form microclusters and trigger downstream signalling cascades. The microcluster eventually undergoes a contraction phase and forms an immunological synapse, this allows for a stable interaction between B and T cells to provide bidirectional activation signals.

CD1d-restricted invariant natural killer T iNKT cells play central roles in the activation and regulation of innate and adaptive immunity. Cytokine-mediated and CD1d-dependent interactions between iNKT cells and myeloid and lymphoid cells enable iNKT cells to contribute to the activation of multiple cell types, with important impacts on host immunity to infection and tumors and on the prevention of autoimmunity. Here, we review the mechanisms by which iNKT cells contribute to B cell maturation, antibody and cytokine production, and antigen presentation. Cognate interactions with B cells contribute to the rapid production of antibodies directed against conserved non-protein antigens resulting in rapid but short-lived innate humoral immunity.

Introductory Chapter: B-Cells

Reviewed: November 25th Published: February 26th Normal and Malignant B-Cell. Their roles are not limited only to the production of antigen-specific antibodies after antigen binding with high affinity via their membrane Ig but also to antigen presentation.

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Describe the sequence of B-lymphocyte maturation and antigen-induced differentiation Pre-B-cell. - Immature B cell. - Mature B cell. - Activated/blast B cell. - Memory B-cell B-cell is differentiated into the plasma cell (antibody-​forming cell).

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