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Why our jobs site is easy for anyone to learn and to crack interview in the first attempt?

Sequencer is mapped to a specific sequence or a default sequence which has list of items to be given to driver. Sequencer provides the item if the sequence has any items pending. Driver drives this item to DUT. If sequencer does not have any other items, it stops. Difference between Queue and mailbox Write inline constraint.

Uvm Interview Questions With Answers

A power cycle is required to correct this situation. Logic synthesis with these technologies is becoming less important. If you want to witty books, lots of novels, tale, jokes, and more fictions collections are also Digital design Interview Questions If inverted output of D flip-flop is connected to its input how the flip-flop behaves?

What Physical Timing Closure? Fabs normally supply antenna rules, which are rules that must be obeyed to avoid this problem.

I have overall 6 years of experience in the Education Industry. If they go through it then i am sure they can gain required knowledge about it which will surely benefit them at the time of interview. Most netlists either contain or refer to descriptions of the parts or devices used.

The push for reduced cost, more compact circuit boards, and added customer features has provided incentives for the inclusion of analog functions on primarily digital MOS integrated circuits ICs forming mixed-signal ICs. DRC exhaustively compares the physical netlist against a set of "foundry design rules" from the foundry operator , then flags any observed violations. Explain the concept of a two-cycle response? It is not an academic exam, where text-book preparation might come handy.

What is the size of the max data that can be transferred in a single transfer? As this is a customized IC it can improve speed, consumes less electricity and perform the specific task assigned to it very well.

An Asic design engineer works within a team that are responsible for all aspects of design activities including architecture definition, design specification, design flow development, logic design and verifications. Question 4. ASIC's provide the path to creating miniature devices that can do a lot of diverse functions. Question This allows for attributes to be associated with nets. Helps you prepare job interviews and practice interview skills and techniques. These definitions will usually list the connections that can be made to that kind of device, and some basic properties of that device.

Some people believe that explicitly preparing for job interview questions and answers is futile. Listed here in rough chronological order of introduction along with their usual abbreviations of Logic family: Question The Antenna ratio is defined as the ratio between the physical area of the conductors making up the antenna to the total gate oxide area to which the antenna is electrically connected. All photolithographic layers of these ASICs are predefined and there is no room for change during manufacturing.

What Is Different Logic Family? For example, an output is tied to a logical 1 state during test generation to assure that a manufacturing defect with that type of behavior can be found with a specific test pattern. Really Awkward Interview Questions. If you are human, leave this field blank. Explain the 1k boundary concept in AHB? What are avoidable questions in an Interview? Other questions included basic questions on system verilog, verification methodologies and OOP during phone interview.

Instance based netlists usually provide a list of the instances used in a design. Individual signals and pins are assumed to be stuck at Logical '1', '0' and 'X'. Other advantages include improved high-frequency performance due to reduced package interconnect parasitics, higher system reliability, smaller package count, smaller package interconnect parasitics, and higher integration of RF components with VLSI-compatible digital circuits.

These connection points are called "ports" or "pins", among several other names. Furthermore, these clock signals are particularly affected by technology scaling see Moore's law , in that long global interconnect lines become significantly more resistive as line dimensions are decreased.

Phone : Answer to this question depends on your interest, expertise and to the requirement for which you have been interviewed. For example, 4 transistors in parallel each 1 um wide , a 4-finger 1 um transistor, and a 4 um transistor are all seen as the same by the LVS tool. Question 7. You just have to know the real deal to survive a job interview.

Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom Categories. Previously only logic synthesis had to satisfy timing requirements. During a latchup when one of the transistors is conducting, the other one begins conducting too. This rapid and destructive phenomenon is known as the antenna effect. When a physical representation of the circuit is available, the modifications required to achieve timing closure are carried out by using more accurate estimations of the delays.

In Interview Question section, we start with computer architecture; where the bandwidth, latency, area and power requirements are defined. Finally, the control of any differences and uncertainty in the arrival times of the clock signals can severely limit the maximum performance of the entire system and create catastrophic race conditions in which an incorrect data signal may latch within a register.

Net-based netlists usually describe all the instances and their attributes, then describe each net, and say which port they are connected on each instance.

Functional verification is one of the more popular methods for ASIC verification: functional verification essentially answers the question of does a proposed ASIC design actually do what it is supposed to? See Electroplating, Wafer testing where the electrical performance is verified , Wafer backgrinding to reduce the thickness of the wafer so the resulting chip can be put into a thin device like a smartcard or PCMCIA card.

Services available on Asic connect include for searching companies, business names, and self managed superannuation fund auditor registers. Each port has a name, and in continuing the vacuum cleaner example, they might be "Neutral", "Live" and "Ground". Instances have "ports". I am an Educationist at oureducation. Clock gating is one of the power-saving techniques used on many synchronous circuits including the Pentium 4 processor.

Application Specific Integrated Chip is a craze of technology today. Clock signals are typically loaded with the greatest fanout, travel over the greatest distances, and operate at the highest speeds of any signal, either control or data, within the entire synchronous system. Could someone explain how to write a function to access and display head node in a one node linked list only?

SVA System verilog Assertion 1. Please don't mind. Answer Okay, response is a single cycle? Here are some of the basic and important questions asked in interviews for the Electronics and IT branches.

Most of the modifications are handled by EDA tools based on directives given by a designer. One of the advantages of this integration is low power dissipation for portability due to a reduction in the number of package pins and associated bond wire capacitance. Since this function is vital to the operation of a synchronous system, much attention has been given to the characteristics of these clock signals and the electrical networks used in their distribution.

Interview questions and answers — free pdf download Page 16 of 30 Ans- These are designed and produced from a defined set of methodologies, intellectual properties and a well-defined design of silicon that shortens the design cycle and minimizes development costs.

In these systems, the speed of digital circuits is constantly increasing, chips are becoming more densely packed, interconnect layers are added, and analog resolution is increased. Job interview questions and sample answers list, tips, guide and advice. Clock signals are often regarded as simple control signals; however, these signals have some very special characteristics and attributes.

A latchup is the inadvertent creation of a low-impedance path between the power supply rails of an electronic component, triggering a parasitic structure, which then acts as a short circuit, disrupting proper functioning of the part and possibly even leading to its destruction due to overcurrent.

In the case of a vacuum cleaner, these ports would be the three metal prongs in the plug. In this kind of description, the list of nets can be gathered from the connection lists, and there is no place to associate particular attributes with the nets themselves. What is Body effect?

Physical timing closure became more important with submicrometre technologies, as more and more steps of the design flow had to be made timing-aware.

An Asic is a microchip designed for a special application such as a particular kind of transmission protocol or a hand-held computer. May 7, at AM Post a Comment.

Functionality of. Read This, Top 10 commonly asked BPO Interview questions, 5 things you should never talk in any job interview, Best job interview tips for job seekers, 7 Tips to recruit the right candidates in , 5 Important interview questions techies fumble most. Question 1. ERC steps can also involve checks for unconnected inputs or shorted outputs. Here, the designer integrates radio frequency RF analog and base band digital circuitry on a single chip. What are difference between SVA and other assertions?

Furthermore, significant power can be wasted in transitions within blocks, even when their output is not needed. Top 10 facts why you need a cover letter? With present deep submicrometre technologies it is unthinkable to perform any of the design steps of placement, clock-tree synthesis and routing without timing constraints. The clock distribution network distributes the clock signal s from a common point to all the elements that need it. Likewise the output could be tied to a logical 0 to model the behavior of a defective circuit that cannot switch its output pin.

I write many articles, blogs to make people aware of any kind of education they are looking For. Occasionally the phrase antenna effect is used this context[6] but this is less common since there are many effects[7] and the phrase does not make clear which is meant.

In an integrated circuit, a signal can couple from one node to another via the substrate. Lets say you want to design an Adder with certain specification.

This is a list of processing techniques that are employed numerous times in a modern electronic device and do not necessarily imply a specific order. Application-specific integrated Circuit which is abbreviated as ASIC is the circuit which is designed to perform a specific and particular task.

Following that, we cover digital design and verification techniques and considerations, and how these two components interact with each other. It then generates a netlist from each one and compares them. LEts have a look at the different types of questions that can be asked over these small but most required circuit.


Ans: Crc i error o e injecttion i can o be q done r e by i modifying o q j the r e crc i value o only. Then i there o e will i be o 8 q packets r e of i different o q j data. For i one o e data i field, o there q will r e one i only o q j one r e crc i value, o by q changing the z crc u y value, e o crc z x error will be injected for sure. Q i 2 o e How i do o you q know r e when i verification o q j completed? Ans: i Verification i is o e never i completed o as q per r e me. In i SV, o e 1 The i above o e define i 3 o techniques. Ans: A i mutual o e exclusion i or o MUTEX q r e essential i function o q j is r e to i make o it q possible for z a u y multiple e o processes z x to make use of a single resource.

Ahead departure for the interview, execute research on everything, start from what the company is close to, what is departure to be your persona as the employee. What is a phishing attack. Set the context of use for your fib post , explicate what was needed of you task , what you in reality did to attain the objectives bodily process and the winner of it all result. Give me an object lesson of your analytic skills. The question power as well be aimed at your personal or folk life history. For many jobs, the interview solo will be the to the highest degree appropriate approach.

As there is not yet a standard for transaction recording in Verilog or VHDL, ModelSim includes a set of system tasks to perform transac Thanks Rikki, That was a typo in answer. Thanks once again. Very nice.. Helpful for interviews But, Expecting more questions! Please post as much as possible

for anyone looking for a job as a verification engineer. Here, you may find the most frequently asked Interview Questions on SystemVerilog, UVM, Verilog, SoC.

Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) Interview Questions & Answers

Practice and Preparation is quite essential for anyone looking for a job as a verification engineer. It is a set of base classes that can be used to create register models to mimic the register contents in a design. It is much easier to write and read from the design using a register model than sending a bus transaction for every read and write.

HDL design and verification engineers are being absorbed by the job market faster than universities can create them. The desperation of high tech firms is evident in aggressive job posts offering paid relocation, bonuses and other incentives. Learn the basics of HDL design and verification. This part is fairly straightforward and can be picked up from books and web resources.

What is the advantage of UVM? Views 15 Downloads 2 File size 55KB. Plao Alto Interview Questions and Answers Some of our readers had requested for a post with some of the common questions.

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Want to be a Verification Engineer? Practice. Practice. Practice.

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Test your UVM skills for a VLSI front end Verification job

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