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The DNA molecule is observed to be very susceptible to short-term exposures to an atmospheric pressure plasma jet.

A nonthermal plasma , cold plasma or non-equilibrium plasma is a plasma which is not in thermodynamic equilibrium , because the electron temperature is much hotter than the temperature of heavy species ions and neutrals. As only electrons are thermalized, their Maxwell-Boltzmann velocity distribution is very different from the ion velocity distribution. In the context of food processing , a nonthermal plasma NTP or cold plasma is specifically an antimicrobial treatment being investigated for application to fruits, vegetables and meat products with fragile surfaces. While the applications of nonthermal plasma were initially focused on microbiological disinfection, [5] newer applications such as enzyme inactivation, [6] protein modification [7] and pesticide dissipation [8] are being actively researched.

Nonthermal plasma

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Critical Analysis of Non-Thermal Plasma-Driven Modulation of Immune Cells from Clinical Perspective

Cold Plasma in Food and Agriculture: Fundamentals and Applications is an essential reference offering a broad perspective on a new, exciting, and growing field for the food industry. Written for researchers, industry personnel, and students interested in nonthermal food technology, this reference will lay the groundwork of plasma physics, chemistry, and technology, and their biological applications. Food scientists and food engineers interested in understanding the theory and application of nonthermal plasma for food will find this book valuable because it provides a roadmap for future developments in this emerging field. This reference is also useful for biologists, chemists, and physicists who wish to understand the fundamentals of plasma physics, chemistry, and technology and their biological interactions through applying novel plasma sources to food and other sensitive biomaterials. Primary Market: food science researchers, engineers in industry Secondary Market: researchers in food processing, food technology, food chemists, and physicists, R and D, A and G, industry. His research interests include cold plasma technologies for foods, food physics, and computational modelling.

The emerged field of non-thermal plasma NTP shows great potential in the alteration of cell redox status, which can be utilized as a promising therapeutic implication. In recent years, the NTP field considerably progresses in the modulation of immune cell function leading to promising in vivo results. In fact, understanding the underlying cellular mechanisms triggered by NTP remains incomplete. In order to boost the field closer to real-life clinical applications, there is a need for a critical overview of the current state-of-the-art. In this review, we conduct a critical analysis of the NTP-triggered modulation of immune cells.

Cold Plasma in Food and Agriculture

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Nonthermal Plasma Chemistry and Physics