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At first a nuclear winter seemed the clearest threat to the global environment, but this was gradually replaced by the prospect of climate change induced by greenhouse gases produced during the burning of fossil fuels.

Access options available:. Niedecker Blue: Proofs and Poetics Bonnie Roy bio Vision requires instruments of vision; an optics is a politics of positioning. Always a high-stakes question, how we see the world has become a more urgent one as the conditions and outcomes of daily life entwine local actions in global implications that seem increasingly dire.

Jessica Maufort: Multiple Convergences: Ecocriticism and Comparative Literary Studies

In his study of primitivism in antiquity, Arthur Lovejoy observes that "one of the strangest, most potent and most persistent factors in Western thought [is] the use of the term 'nature' to express the standard of human values, the identification of the good with that which is 'natural' or 'according to nature'" However, despite the perennial reconstitution of nature as a standard of value, there has historically been as little consensus about what constitutes the "natural" as there has been about what constitutes the "good. Considering the sixty-six meanings of nature which Lovejoy offers as evidence for the polysemous nature of "nature" , it is easy to appreciate the medieval concept of libri naturae , or the book of nature; indeed, no other text has been so widely read, so little understood, so often invoked, and so capable of sustaining the range of interpretations projected upon it by human need and imagination. In its normative sensethe sense in which we still believe that what is "right" is powerfully associated with what is "natural"nature may actually be the most ancient of cultural artifacts. Each of the sixty-six meanings Lovejoy cites is both a branch in the genealogy of an idea and a moment in the history of our construction of environment and our relationship to it. This essay is concerned largely with the sixty-seventh meaning of naturewith how contemporary ecophilosophy represents so important a development in the evolution of our ideas about nature, and with how ecological consciousness is coming to be reflected in contemporary literary theory and practice.

Ecocriticism is the study of literature and the environment from an interdisciplinary point of view, where literature scholars analyze texts that illustrate environmental concerns and examine the various ways literature treats the subject of nature. In the United States, ecocriticism is often associated with the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment ASLE , [3] which hosts a biennial conference for scholars who deal with environmental matters in literature and the environmental humanities in general. Ecocriticism is an intentionally broad approach that is known by a number of other designations, including "green cultural studies", " ecopoetics ", and "environmental literary criticism", and is often informed by other fields such as ecology , sustainable design , biopolitics , environmental history , environmentalism , and social ecology , among others. In comparison with other 'political' forms of criticism, there has been relatively little dispute about the moral and philosophical aims of ecocriticism, although its scope has broadened from nature writing, romantic poetry, and canonical literature to take in film, television, theatre, animal stories, architectures, scientific narratives and an extraordinary range of literary texts. At the same time, ecocriticism has borrowed methodologies and theoretically informed approaches liberally from other fields of literary, social and scientific study. Cheryll Glotfelty's working definition in The Ecocriticism Reader is that "ecocriticism is the study of the relationship between literature and the physical environment", [3] and one of the implicit goals of the approach is to recoup professional dignity for what Glotfelty calls the "undervalued genre of nature writing". Simon Estok noted in that "ecocriticism has distinguished itself, debates notwithstanding, firstly by the ethical stand it takes, its commitment to the natural world as an important thing rather than simply as an object of thematic study, and, secondly, by its commitment to making connections".

Ecocriticism as an area of interest re-emerged after the s. It gained worldwide popularity due to the rapid dwindling relationship between man and nature in the name of development. However, it is noteworthy that the environment had been a constant issue from early times. Ecocriticism simply means the study of a relationship between man and environment as reflected in literature. Apart from literature, it has its sway in various disciplines like anthropology, science, sociology, psychology, etc. The urgency to discuss the issues of environment is realized by writers and intellectuals in the contemporary world resulting in the production of numbers of literary classics.

The Commitments of Ecocriticism

The ruination done to our vegetative landscape is gaining ascendancy with the passing of each day. Even though there lies a truth in the justification that such culture is a consequence of development and evolution, what it points to is the imminent death of mankind. Man and its landscape seem to operate in a symbiotic fashion, so that, what affects one impinge on the other. Several 'eco'scholars have theorised that not only that man is a product of his environment but that the 'landscraping' my term for vegetative manhandling of his landscape is capable of culminating into 'manscraping' my term for the extinction of man. Literature, tasked with the duty of mirroring the society, is bound to the bane of bringing to bare such unwholesome practice through the trope of ecocriticism. Although this discursive inquest must have had its root in Science and Western literature but it can be found unassailable within the literary topography of African literature; hence, an African interpretation to a Western theory, eco-criticism.

Ecocriticism is the study of literature and environment from an interdisciplinary point of view where all sciences come together to analyze the environment and brainstorm possible solutions for the correction of the contemporary environmental situation. Ecocriticism was officially heralded by the publication of two seminal works, both published in the mids: The Ecocriticism Reader , edited by Cheryll Glotfelty and Harold Fromm , and The Environmental Imagination, by Lawrence Buell. Ecocriticism investigates the relation between humans and the natural world in literature. It deals with how environmental issues, cultural issues concerning the environment and attitudes towards nature are presented and analyzed. One of the main goals in ecocriticism is to study how individuals in society behave and react in relation to nature and ecological aspects.

WILLIAM. RUECKERT. Literature and Ecology llr. AN. EXPERIMENT. IN. ECOCRITICISM. "lt is the business of those who direct the activities that will shape to-.


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Two decades into the twenty-first century, concerns over the accelerating pace of climate change and its manifold challenges have risen to the forefront of debates both in public and academic spheres. In news broadcasts, for instance, some of the most recurrent topics include the increased frequency of ecological disasters. Themselves tormented by this question, ecocritics generally embrace a programmatic self-criticism in such a way as to constantly renew and improve their methodological approaches, discourse, and scope of investigation. By investigating the points of convergences between ecocriticism and comparative literature, this review essay aims to show how numerous ecocritical studies have contributed to expand a field that was originally viewed as a product of American academe and primarily focused on texts written in English. The following two subsections offer to non-specialists a preliminary synthesis of the main definitions and paradigms of ecocriticism. Such versality can already be detected in the initial definitions of ecocriticism and the various modifications they underwent over the years. Other formulations are also used, i.

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Khaled Hosseini’s And the Mountains Echoed: An Eco-critical Interpretation

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The Commitments of Ecocriticism

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