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Bruce Lee Workout Routine Muscle And Fitness Pdf

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Many in the iron world have enormous respect for Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee the art of expressing the human body

Many in the iron world have enormous respect for Bruce Lee. From his razor sharp physique to his enormous work ethic to his obvious strength, he is widely respected by lifters worldwide.

With his birthday this week I thought a look at how he influenced the world of fitness was due. This theme is replicated today in thousands of small box gyms all around the world that focus on functional training and getting away from the Frankenstein training craze of the 80s and 90s where you split the body into an assortment of parts or systems instead of seeking to work it as a single unit.

Lee himself divided things up different. One of his innovations was to train different aspects of his martial arts on different days. Similar in many ways to a modern split program that might feature strength training one day and conditioning the next, this allowed him to focus better on a smaller number of skills each session.

These exercises would be performed on a variety of implements from heavy bags to focus mitts to shadow work. Lesson one therefore is to split your training into similar actions each day so that you can put more energy into each skill individually. This allows for greater focus as well as making sure your sessions are a reasonable length instead of marathon four-hour sessions. Practicing for such long periods of time will usually mean you are performing each skill or movement poorly, rather than at the peak of your ability.

Why train to perform sub optimally? He was one of the very first martial artists to discover and believe fully in strength training. Unlike many in the 70s who believed that weight training would make you muscle bound and slow, Bruce saw the benefits of weight training after a period doing just reverse curls to develop his forearms. Consisting of whole body exercises a typical day looked like this:. His workout is so KISS simple that he could focus on adding load rather than perfecting difficult movements.

Lesson two therefore is to keep your assistance training simple. Most people need to remember that they lift to assist their other activities, not to compete in lifting. You should be looking for the lifts that have the smallest learning curve, yet give the most transfer.

He stuck to known rep ranges for strength and challenged himself to gain strength. Bruce would run 4 miles 6kms three times per week at the start of the day. He would often perform these sessions as a Fartlek type workout, speeding up for short bursts before settling back into his regular pace again. The other three days Lee would skip for thirty minutes at a time.

He believed it helped keep him light on his feet as well as helping his fitness. On these days he would also add another forty-five minutes of cycling on an exercise bike for extra fitness work.

The final piece of his training puzzle was targeted abdominal work. His ripped waist was clear evidence of time spent on many hard reps. Abdominal training has fallen out of favor in the last few years as research emerges that spinal flexion can cause disc herniation. However, elite athletes all over the world for decades have all believed strongly in supplemental abdominal work.

Research is unclear about whether or not the muscles of the midsection should be trained with high or low reps but Lee favored many high rep sets. Typically using three exercises for five sets each daily.

A typical midsection workout might be:. Photos courtesy of Shutterstock. Check out these simple workouts and fun exercises that can be done at-home with makeshift or no equipment at all.

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The Life and Workouts of Martial Arts Legend Bruce Lee

They also answer comprehension questions and review vocabulary from the reading. Bruce-Lee Fighting Method vol. Bruce Lee selalu berkata:" tendanglah lawan atau tinjulah lawan dengan pukulan terarah. Reveals how the iconic warrior attained his legendary speed, power, and footwork. Included are practical, effective stretches for increasing flexibility, abdominalFree shipping over.

Bruce Lee was unarguably one of the most influential martial artists of the past 50 years. Bruce Lee inspired a paradigm shift in the world not just as a martial artist but an actor, film director, instructor, and philosopher. As readers, we can take note of the date, —before Bruce became a Hollywood sensation and successful as his legacy has depicted. This allows us to measure the scope of his commitment that required for him to later become a fitness phenomenon to the world and a master of martial arts. Bruce Lee was a true proponent of embracing various martial arts and fundamental training programs. His openness and flexibility to experiment with different fighting and training methods birthed his very own style, Jeet Kune Do. Lee was training all the time, he was always looking for ways to maximize his potential.

Movie star, martial arts innovator, philosopher, cultural icon—Bruce Lee was all of these and more. A singularly complex man, Lee holds our attention in his vicelike grip just as strongly today as he did back in , the year most Americans were formally introduced to him as the star of Enter the Dragon and also the year he tragically died at the age of His eclectic approach to his art set him apart from others. He understood that creativity could be attained only through freedom of the mind and only when applied without restrictions. We remember the legendary film star and martial arts master through his pictures and his own words. In the early s martial arts were beginning to flourish in the Western world and they were totally institutionalized within the boundaries of schools that began to appear.

A Detailed Look at the Evolution of Bruce Lee’s Workout Routine (1963-1971)

We have created cards with the most common and efficient body weight exercises, ordered by level and worked muscle area, plus a quick access to variations of each exercise. You can do them anywhere. Note: Many of these work more than one part of the body, but I categorized them by the muscle group most used. During weeks 5 and 6 you will train five days during the week. Rest for 60 seconds between sets.

How do you improve on perfection? Better yet how do you take someone as perfectly built as Bruce Lee and create a Bruce Lee workout worthy of his name.

Bruce Lee Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Train like a Martial Arts Master

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But what of his regular routine? We know that Bruce believed in adding resistance training and cardio to his martial arts practice, so what did that actually look like? Was he ahead of his time in this regard too? And what can we learn from his programs? Starting in , we have a very early gym card that Bruce filled out, detailing one of his earlier routines. This was filled out at the Hak Keung Gymnasium in Hong Kong, which he reportedly attended three times a week.

When it came to his workouts, Bruce Lee used the philosophical maxim:. Think deeply about your motivations, and pursue them in ways that elevate your performance. Accept what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is essentially your own, and apply it to your workout. The Bruce Lee circuit training routine was the foundation of his power. Bruce Lee developed a circuit training routine long before it was popular.

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The Ultimate Bruce Lee Workout Plan

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4 Training Lessons We Can Learn From Bruce Lee


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Martial Arts Training Bruce Lee, born on 27 November , was not just a legendary martial artist but also a renowned movie star, philosopher, and cultural icon.

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