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Charles Lindbergh McGill Jr. Chuck has become semi-reclusive and believes that he suffers from electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Although in the first season it seemed that he was initially supportive of Jimmy, Chuck harbored resentful feelings toward him, fearing the questionable ethics of "Slipping Jimmy" as a lawyer.

From the second season onward, Chuck transforms into Jimmy's main antagonist. His betrayal of and opposition to Jimmy, and his subsequent death, serves as a catalyst for Jimmy's transformation into Saul Goodman. Chuck's life and death also deeply affect Howard Hamlin and Kim Wexler , Jimmy's business partner and girlfriend.

Chuck's character development and McKean's performance throughout the first three seasons received critical acclaim, with many critics claiming that McKean gave the best performance on television throughout Michael McKean had previously worked for Vince Gilligan as the recurring character Morris Fletcher first shown in The X-Files episode " Dreamland ", and the two had kept in touch since about potential projects, though during that time, much of McKean's work was in New York City for Broadway theatre while Gilligan was in Los Angeles for television and could not work anything out.

When Gilligan had contacted McKean about acting in Better Call Saul , McKean accepted the role just knowing the bare minimum on Chuck's electromagnetic sensitivity, having been both a fan of Breaking Bad and trusting Gilligan. Thurber", which McKean says was based on humorist James Thurber. In interviews, McKean has stated that while Chuck did make efforts to foil Jimmy's attempts to get ahead as a lawyer, it wasn't always planned that Chuck would resort to underhanded tricks.

McKean stated that with Gilligan and Gould's approach, that they are generally told at the start of the season what they would like to see the characters go, but only in two or three episodes before filming, having firmer ideas about specific actions, but that he trusts the showrunners were doing the right thing with the character.

He graduated as valedictorian from Francis Xavier High School at the age of 14, making him the youngest graduate in the history of that school. He later attended the University of Pennsylvania , and graduated magna cum laude from Georgetown University Law Center.

Early in his career, Chuck excelled in criminal law, famously arguing and winning the precedent-setting case of State v. Ten years before the start of the series, when his younger brother Jimmy faced serious charges after defecating through the sunroof of a romantic rival's BMW — unaware the man's children were in the backseat — Chuck defended him on the condition that Jimmy abandon his career as a con artist and work a legitimate job in HHM's mailroom.

During this time, Jimmy was inspired by Chuck's skill in the legal profession and decided to become a lawyer himself. Jimmy secretly completed his college degree, attended a correspondence law school, and passed the bar exam.

He also became friendly, then romantically involved, with Kim Wexler , a legal student who also worked in the mail room and became an associate attorney at HHM. Around the time of his divorce from Rebecca Bois , Chuck took a leave of absence from HHM after allegedly developing electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

Jimmy, who had quit HHM to practice law after he passed his bar exam but was refused a job by the firm, took care of Chuck, including buying and delivering his groceries and newspapers. Jimmy continues to help Chuck with daily chores at his home. While Chuck no longer works directly for HHM, he is still a senior partner.

Jimmy stages a fake rescue of a billboard worker to drum up publicity for his own firm, and removes Chuck's local newspaper from his daily delivery so Chuck will not know. Chuck is taken to the hospital and when Jimmy arrives, the doctor proves that Chuck's illness is psychosomatic.

Jimmy refuses the doctor's recommendation to have Chuck committed to a mental institution and insists he can care for Chuck at home. Jimmy discovers that the Sandpiper Crossing retirement community may be overcharging its elderly residents. He collects shredded documents from the trash and starts piecing them together at Chuck's place. Chuck is impressed with Jimmy's legal instincts and steps in to help, discovering key documents that prove Jimmy is correct.

Jimmy and Chuck attempt to get Sandpiper to settle but their lawyers refuse, so the McGills continue to collect evidence. Chuck's enthusiasm for the law is rekindled and he casually steps outside to get documents from Jimmy's car without taking his usual electromagnetic hypersensitivity precautions, surprising them both. Chuck suggests the case is too large for the two of them and they should get HHM's help.

Howard agrees to take the case, and offers Jimmy a small of counsel fee and a percentage of the judgment or settlement, but cuts him out of active participation. Jimmy surmises that Chuck secretly used Howard to get Jimmy off the case, and that Chuck did the same thing after Jimmy passed the bar exam but Howard refused to hire him as an attorney at HHM.

Jimmy confronts Chuck, who tells Jimmy he doesn't consider him a "real lawyer" and says Jimmy is still the same con man from Cicero referring to his former alias, "Slippin' Jimmy". Jimmy cuts ties with Chuck and arranges for Howard to take over Chuck's care. Howard hires Ernesto as an aide for Chuck, and Ernesto takes on most of the tasks formerly seen to by Jimmy.

Chuck become suspicious after Jimmy uses questionable tactics to gain new class action plaintiffs. Jimmy creates a television ad to attract more plaintiffs and airs it without approval.

Howard relegates Kim, who knew of Jimmy's ad but did not inform the partners at HHM, to entry-level document review work. To regain Howard's favor, she tries to land a new client and eventually gains interest from Mesa Verde bank. Howard is happy to have the bank's lucrative legal work, but gives Kim no recognition for securing the client.

Kim takes Jimmy's advice and leaves HHM to start her own firm, co-located with his. Kim initially secures Mesa Verde as a client, but Howard and Chuck succeed in winning them back. Chuck's electromagnetic hypersensitivity symptoms reappear as the result of his trip to HHM's offices to meet with the Mesa Verde representatives. When Ernesto calls Jimmy for help, Jimmy offers to stay with Chuck overnight and uses the opportunity to alter documents Chuck has prepared for a new Mesa Verde branch application.

When the state banking board reviews the application, it discovers the errors, which result in a long and expensive delay. Mesa Verde's president and counsel take the bank's business to Kim. Chuck immediately suspects Jimmy sabotaged him. Kim infers Jimmy's guilt and tells him if he left any evidence, Chuck will find it. Jimmy goes to the copy store where he altered the documents, intending to bribe the clerk for his silence.

Ernesto is already there, having investigated copy stores throughout Albuquerque on Chuck's behalf. Ernesto leaves to pick up Chuck and bring him back to speak with the clerk in person. Jimmy bribes the clerk, then waits across the street for Chuck to arrive. Chuck attempts to question the clerk, but his electromagnetic hypersensitivity causes him to collapse and hit his head on the counter.

Jimmy hesitates about whether to reveal his presence, but enters the store, administers first aid, and has the clerk summon an ambulance. At the hospital, Chuck wonders how Jimmy was on the scene so quickly, and Ernesto falsely claims to have called him out of concern for Chuck's health. Chuck later fakes a major mental breakdown, causing Jimmy to confess to the document tampering in an effort to calm Chuck down.

After Jimmy leaves Chuck's home, Chuck reveals a hidden voice recorder, which he activated before Jimmy's arrival. Chuck promises Jimmy consequences for his Mesa Verde fraud. Chuck and Howard discuss the recording, which Howard says is not admissible in court, but Chuck says it has a use.

He arranges for Ernesto to hear it, then swears him to silence. As Chuck expected, Ernesto tells Kim, who then tells Jimmy. Unsure of Chuck's plan, Kim wants Jimmy to let Chuck make the first move, but Jimmy ignores her advice, breaks into Chuck's house and destroys the recording. Chuck's private investigator and Howard reveal themselves as witnesses to Jimmy's break-in, which is cause for him to be arrested.

Jimmy is prosecuted and Chuck suggests to the assistant district attorney that Jimmy can avoid prison by confessing to the break-in and making the confession available to the state bar association. With Jimmy facing potential disbarment, Kim offers to help him fight the charges, and Jimmy agrees. During a meeting to discuss the proceedings, Chuck admits to Kim that he has a copy of the recording and intends to use it at Jimmy's hearing. Kim's response to Jimmy indicates that obtaining this admission from Chuck was central to their planned defense.

Kim cancels the repairman Chuck had called to fix the door Jimmy destroyed during the break-in. Mike Ehrmantraut poses as a repairman and fixes the door while also photographing Chuck's home to document his bizarre living conditions. The hearing room is prepared for Chuck's arrival, including turning off all lights and electronic devices, and removing cell phones. Jimmy invites Chuck's ex-wife Rebecca to the hearing, claiming Chuck is in distress and needs her help, but Chuck sees it as an attempt to rattle him before he testifies.

When Jimmy cross-examines Chuck about his electromagnetic hypersensitivity, Chuck suspects a trick and accuses Jimmy of standing near him while holding his cell phone. Jimmy then reveals that he had Huell Babineaux secretly place Jimmy's cell phone battery in Chuck's pocket, and Chuck carried it for more than an hour without noticing.

The suggestion that his illness is mental rather than physical unnerves Chuck, who launches an extended tirade in which he vents all his frustrations about Jimmy. Chuck realizes, too late, that his outburst has shocked the entire courtroom, including the committee.

Jimmy is given a year's suspension, but not disbarred. Chuck shutters himself in his home, and Rebecca tries to get Jimmy to help but he refuses.

Howard suggests Chuck consider Jimmy's suspension a victory and move on and Chuck agrees. The possibility that his illness is psychosomatic causes Chuck to begin seeing Dr. Cruz, who aids him in coping with his symptoms to the point where he can walk outside and perform chores such as grocery shopping without taking his usual precautions. Jimmy tries to avoid losing money he prepaid for television ads by producing commercials for other businesses. He meets with his malpractice insurer to obtain a refund on his premium, and finds that his policy must remain in effect during his suspension in case he is sued over work he did previously.

Jimmy feigns an emotional breakdown about Chuck's condition, which prompts the insurer to review Chuck's insurance coverage.

The insurance company's representatives meet with Howard and Chuck and inform them that HHM's malpractice rates will rise substantially unless another attorney is assigned to constantly supervise Chuck.

Chuck wants to fight this, but Howard decides that Chuck has become too much of a liability and encourages him to retire. Chuck sues HHM, hoping this will force Howard to back down. Howard then announces to the firm that Chuck has retired, effective immediately. Jimmy tries to make amends with Chuck, but Chuck coldly rebuffs him. Chuck's hypersensitivity symptoms begin to re-emerge, and he becomes obsessed with finding the device that is causing his electric meter to run.

He stacks his appliances outside, tears the walls open to remove wiring, and destroys the meter after failing to discover why it will not stop. Having reached his breaking point, Chuck intentionally knocks over a gas lantern and sets his home on fire, which ends up killing him. Jimmy is shocked at Chuck's death and believes himself to be at fault because of his interaction with the insurance company. Howard believes Chuck's death was his fault because he forced Chuck to retire. Upon hearing this, Jimmy allows Howard to shoulder the blame and regains his usual upbeat demeanor.

Kim eventually gives it to Jimmy, who reads it in her presence. The letter is undated, but was apparently written while Jimmy was working in the HHM mailroom. The letter praises Jimmy's efforts to leave his conman past behind and work an honest job, but is also vaguely condescending.

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Charles Lindbergh McGill Jr. Chuck has become semi-reclusive and believes that he suffers from electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Although in the first season it seemed that he was initially supportive of Jimmy, Chuck harbored resentful feelings toward him, fearing the questionable ethics of "Slipping Jimmy" as a lawyer. From the second season onward, Chuck transforms into Jimmy's main antagonist. His betrayal of and opposition to Jimmy, and his subsequent death, serves as a catalyst for Jimmy's transformation into Saul Goodman. Chuck's life and death also deeply affect Howard Hamlin and Kim Wexler , Jimmy's business partner and girlfriend. Chuck's character development and McKean's performance throughout the first three seasons received critical acclaim, with many critics claiming that McKean gave the best performance on television throughout

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Ashleigh Banfield

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Frontline The Facebook Dilemma Part 1 Answer Key

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Howard N. Gould, Esq. Howard N. Gould, Esq. Howard N. Gould, Esq. View PDF file of this resume CONFLICT RESOLUTION EXPERIENCE. Mr. Gould was.

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Virginia Lawyer Register - August/September 2011

The film depicts the soldiers of the 54th from the formation of their regiment to their heroic actions at the Second Battle of Fort Wagner on July 18, The soundtrack, composed by James Horner and performed in part by Boys Choir of Harlem , was released on January 23, The home video was distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. On June 2, , a widescreen Blu-ray version, featuring the director's commentary and deleted scenes, was released. Shaw accepts a promotion to colonel commanding the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment , one of the first all-black regiments in the Union Army.

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Chuck McGill

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