lapesa predatory interactions between a cyclopoid copepod and three sibling rotifer species pdf Tuesday, March 16, 2021 10:37:58 PM

Lapesa Predatory Interactions Between A Cyclopoid Copepod And Three Sibling Rotifer Species Pdf

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Co-occurrence of cryptic species raises theoretically relevant questions regarding their coexistence and ecological similarity.

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Predatory interactions between a cyclopoid copepod and three sibling rotifer species

Competition for resources can lead to species exclusion. However, this exclusion may be avoided if species show differential adaptation to physical environment. Empirical studies on competition are difficult when species are phylogenetically close and have complex life cycles. This is the case of B. These differences have been suggested to promote the stable co-occurrence observed in natural populations of these species. However, in a previous empirical study, the outcome of competition between both species was always exclusion. Here, we theoretically explored the effect of complex life-history traits and salinity fluctuations on the long-term competitive outcome of B.

Co-occurrence of cryptic species raises theoretically relevant questions regarding their coexistence and ecological similarity. Given their great morphological similitude and close phylogenetic relationship i. This raises the problem of finding the mechanisms that may explain the coexistence of cryptic species and challenges the conventional view of coexistence based on niche differentiation. The cryptic species complex of the rotifer Brachionus plicatilis is an excellent model to study these questions and to test hypotheses regarding ecological differentiation. Rotifer species within this complex are filtering zooplankters commonly found inhabiting the same ponds across the Iberian Peninsula and exhibit an extremely similar morphology—some of them being even virtually identical. Here, we explore whether subtle differences in body size and morphology translate into ecological differentiation by comparing two extremely morphologically similar species belonging to this complex: B.

Data correspond to usage on the plateform after The current usage metrics is available hours after online publication and is updated daily on week days. Free Access. Issue Ann. Campillo S. Local adaptation in rotifer populations. Hydrobiologia , , —

Predatory interactions between a cyclopoid copepod and three sibling rotifer species

Rotifera X pp Cite as. When compared to most other multicellular animals, rotifers are all relatively small, short-lived and fast-reproducing organisms. However among and within different rotifer species there is a large variation in life history patterns. This review accounts for such variation in rotifers, with a strong focus on monogonont rotifers. As the life cycle of monogonont rotifers involves both asexual and sexual reproduction, life history patterns can be examined on the level of the genetic individual, which includes all asexual females, sexual females and males that originated from one resting egg. This concept has been applied successfully in many areas, for example in predicting optimal levels of mictic reproduction or sex allocation theory. The benefits and implications of the view of the genetic individual are discussed in detail.

The research of zooplankton diversity, abundance and trophic structure was conducted during the summer period in pelagial zone on the longitudinal profile of the Sutla River Backwater. Investigated site consists of two interconnected basins: transparent Upper Basin with submerged macrophytes and turbid Lower Basin without macrophytes in the littoral zone. In the Upper Basin, abundance and diversity of zooplankton in the pelagial was higher in comparison to the Lower Basin, with prevailing species of genus Keratella as microfilter-feeder, and genera of Polyartha and Trihocerca as macrofilter-feeder rotifers. On the contrary, in the Lower Basin, crustaceans dominated in abundance. Microfilter-feeder cladoceran Bosmina longirostris and larval and adult stages of macrofilter-feeder copepod Macrocyclops albidus prevailed in the Lower Basin. Fish predation pressure was more pronounced in the pelagial of the Upper Basin, indicated by low cladoceran abundance in the surface layer. Beklioglu, M.

Environmental salinity is important in defining Brachionus plicatilis sibling species distributions. However, while salinity influences distributions, sibling species often co-exist. Three different mechanisms potentially account for the partial co-occurrence of sibling species: 1 siblings have differing salinity tolerances that partially overlap; 2 siblings physiological tolerances may be commonly broad, but relatively small differences in tolerances differentiate distributions via interactions e. Here, we assess the extent of salinity tolerance in three B. Sibling species were identified by analysis of the mitochondrial COI gene, and salinity responses were compared by regression analysis. Responses differed significantly between siblings, although the broad trends were similar. Positive growth occurred at all salinities, and highest growth rates ranged between 0.

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Evolution of rotifer life histories

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