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Traditional And Alternative Medicine Act Pdf

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Astin JA. However, the reasons for such use are, at present, poorly understood.

Traditional and Complementary Medicine. Throughout history, people all over the world have used herbs to maintain and improve health into the art of healing. A constant process of searching, testing, and verifying in all cultures across the globe resulted in the development of an empirical science. Many plants have an established place within scientific medicine and are used for a broad range of health conditions. A herb is a plant or its part used for its scent, flavor, or therapeutic properties.

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Traditional and Alternative Medicine Act (No. 23 of 2002).

Metrics details. A lot of emphasis is often placed on modern governance systems and little or no attention is given to traditional governance practices which remain largely undocumented. The study aimed at finding out important traditional and modern governance practices that regulate traditional medicine sector in Western Kenya. The study was carried out in selected market centres of Western Kenya where the identified traditional medicine practitioners TMPs sell their traditional medicine. All consenting TMPs and professional experts were interviewed with the aid of a semi-structured questionnaire.

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Following further interaction with various stakeholders, the category of Complementary Medicines was broadened to establish two sub-categories of Category D Complementary medicines , reflected in the General Regulations published and implemented as per Government Notice in Government Gazette on 25 August This resulted in the inclusion of new sub-categories of Category D, including those traditional disciplines that are not indigenous to South Africa discipline-specific medicines but also the more modern supplement-type of medicines health supplements. The original deadlines for submission of applications for registration prescribed by regulation 48C of the General Regulations in were deleted by the General Regulations in The registration and availability of complementary medicines will consider their quality, safety and efficacy as per section 1 2 of the Medicines Act and in line with their relative risk. Discipline-specific medicines are considered either as being of HIGH RISK clinical evidence required in justification of safety and efficacy or LOW RISK traditional evidence may be submitted in justification of safety and efficacy based primarily on indication but also on composition and dosage form. Effective the 15 th November , the then Medicines Control Council, currently SAHPRA, by virtue of powers vested in it by section 14 2 of the Act, by resolution approved by the Minister of Health, determined that complementary medicines falling in Category D and in the different pharmacological classifications are subjected to registration as per the provisions of the Act. All complementary medicines, as defined, will be permitted continued rights of sale, provided that:.

Types of Complementary and Alternative Medicine

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An Act to make provisions for promotion, control and regulation of traditional and alternative medicines prac- tice, to establish the Tradional and Alternative.

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The plant descriptions in his Peri ulhz iatrikh or De Materia Medica were often adequate for identification, including methods of preparation, medicinal uses, and dosages.