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Marxism constitutes one of the main currents of contemporary thought. It is already no easy task to find the path that cuts through this mass of polemical works and leads to the texts. Moreover, there are a great many of these texts.

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

This chapter engages in a conversation between two seemingly disparate discourses of Hegelian philosophy and psychoanalytic theory. Keywords: Hegel , psychoanalysis , recognition , intersubjectivity , Phenomenology of Spirit , unhappy consciousness , Jean Hyppolite , Paul Ricoeur , Jessica Benjamin. I would like to illuminate a particular conversation, initiated in the first part of the twentieth century and still alive today, which takes place between the two seemingly disparate discourses of Hegelian philosophy and psychoanalytic theory. The theory of intersubjectivity was introduced by Jean Hyppolite to describe this process of recognition, to name the relationship between two consciousnesses. This is a self deeply involved in constant re formation. A fundamental part of the dialectical movement of consciousness is that the subject is returned to itself through its interactions with another self-consciousness. Indeed, it is this idea of process and emergence of the self through its relations with the world of objects and others that will serve as one of the key links p.

The Journal of Speculative Philosophy

York University. From Hegel to Marx. Course Director: Marcello Musto. Class Location: Ross Building, S Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jean Hyppolite

For G. Hegel b. According to Hegel, the end or goal of history is the actualization of freedom in the life of the modern nation-state. He claimed that history was a rational process of development and that it could be understood and made intelligible for anyone willing to look at it rationally, which means looking at it holistically and as an endeavor of the World Spirit with a discernible purpose.

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Jean Hyppolite 8 January — 26 October was a French philosopher known for championing the work of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel , and other German philosophers, and educating some of France's most prominent post-war thinkers. Hyppolite was born in Jonzac. After graduation he embarked on a serious study of Hegel , teaching himself German in order to read Phenomenology of Spirit in the original. In he came out with his own translation and his commentary would later form the basis of the book Genesis and Structure of the Phenomenology of Spirit published in In , Hyppolite published Logique et existence , a work that may have had a seminal effect on what was to become known as post-structuralism. This book tries to correlate Hegel's Phenomenology to his Logics longer and shorter. In doing so, it raises the questions of language, being, and difference that were to become the hallmarks of new French philosophy at the end of the 20th century.

French philosopher , born Aleksandr Vladimirovich Kozhevnikov in Russia. Along with Jean Hyppolite, he was responsible for the serious introduction of Hegel into French thought. His lectures exerted a profound influence both direct and indirect over many leading French philosophers and intellectuals — amongst them Sartre, Merleau-Ponty, Lacan, Bataille, Althusser, Queneau, Aron, and Breton. He continued to write philosophy over these years, including works on the pre-Socratics, Kant, the concept of right, the temporal dimensions of philosophical wisdom, the relationship between Christianity and both Western science and communism, and the development of capitalism. Many of these works were only published posthumously.

Along with J. Fichte and, at least in his early work, F. The most systematic of the post-Kantian idealists, Hegel attempted, throughout his published writings as well as in his lectures, to elaborate a comprehensive and systematic philosophy from a purportedly logical starting point. Until around , Hegel devoted himself to developing his ideas on religious and social themes, and seemed to have envisaged a future for himself as a type of modernising and reforming educator, in the image of figures of the German Enlightenment such as Lessing and Schiller. Fichte —

Temporality and Time in Hegel and Marx

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Temporality and Time in Hegel and Marx

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