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Tutorials for the Calculus Phobe Animated little flash movies about limits, continuity and derivative. Graphics for the Calculus Classroom Animations illustrating basic calculus concepts. Visual Calculus A collection of modules from pre-calculus till sequences and series that uses lots of numerical and graphical illustrations, Flash tutorials, animations, etc. Some of the discussion is on college level.

Math Manipulatives: About Virtual Manipulatives

By now you should really be getting the hang of embedding things into your web pages, including images, video and audio. A long time ago on the Web, it was popular to use frames to create websites — small parts of a website stored in individual HTML pages. These were embedded in a master document called a frameset , which allowed you to specify the area on the screen that each frame filled, rather like sizing the columns and rows of a table.

These were considered the height of coolness in the mid to late 90s, and there was evidence that having a webpage split up into smaller chunks like this was better for download speeds — especially noticeable with network connections being so slow back then. They did however have many problems, which far outweighed any positives as network speeds got faster, so you don't see them being used anymore. A little while later late 90s, early s , plugin technologies became very popular, such as Java Applets and Flash — these allowed web developers to embed rich content into webpages such as videos and animations, which just weren't available through HTML alone.

They have since fallen out of fashion due to many problems, including accessibility, security, file size, and more; these days most mobile devices don't support such plugins anymore, and desktop support is on the way out. In this article we are going to jump straight into an active learning section, to immediately give you a real idea of just what embedding technologies are useful for. The online world is very familiar with YouTube , but many people don't know about some of the sharing facilities it has available.

For bonus points, you could also try embedding a Google Map in the example:. If you make a mistake, you can always reset it using the Reset button. If you get really stuck, press the Show solution button to see an answer. So, that was easy and fun, right? This is great for incorporating third-party content into your website that you might not have direct control over and don't want to have to implement your own version of — such as video from online video providers, commenting systems like Disqus , maps from online map providers, advertising banners, etc.

Let's explore the code in a bit more detail. Say you wanted to include the MDN glossary on one of your web pages — you could try something like this:. Note : In order to improve speed, it's a good idea to set the iframe's src attribute with JavaScript after the main content is done with loading.

This makes your page usable sooner and decreases your official page load time an important SEO metric. Above we mentioned security concerns — let's go into this in a bit more detail now. Read on Browser makers and Web developers have learned the hard way that iframes are a common target official term: attack vector for bad people on the Web often termed hackers , or more accurately, crackers to attack if they are trying to maliciously modify your webpage, or trick people into doing something they don't want to do, such as reveal sensitive information like usernames and passwords.

Clickjacking is one kind of common iframe attack where hackers embed an invisible iframe into your document or embed your document into their own malicious website and use it to capture users' interactions. This is a common way to mislead users or steal sensitive data. A quick example first though — try loading the previous example we showed above into your browser — you can find it live on GitHub see the source code too.

You won't actually see anything displayed on the page, and if you look at the Console in the browser developer tools , you'll see a message telling you why. Plus if everybody started to do this, all the additional bandwidth would start to cost Mozilla a lot of money.

Sometimes it makes sense to embed third-party content — like youtube videos and maps — but you can save yourself a lot of headaches if you only embed third-party content when completely necessary.

A good rule of thumb for web security is "You can never be too cautious. If you made it, double-check it anyway. If someone else made it, assume it's dangerous until proven otherwise. Besides security, you should also be aware of intellectual property issues. Most content is copyrighted, offline and online, even content you might not expect for example, most images on Wikimedia Commons.

Never display content on your webpage unless you own it or the owners have given you written, unequivocal permission. Penalties for copyright infringement are severe. Again, you can never be too cautious. If the content is licensed, you must obey the license terms. That means, you must credit us properly when you quote our content, even if you make substantial changes. In the best case scenario, your user's Web browser will give them a scary warning. If you are using a different hosting provider and are not sure, ask them about it.

You want to give attackers as little power as you can to do bad things on your website, therefore you should give embedded content only the permissions needed for doing its job. Of course, this applies to your own content, too. A container for code where it can be used appropriately — or for testing — but can't cause any harm to the rest of the codebase either accidental or malicious is called a sandbox.

Unsandboxed content can do way too much executing JavaScript, submitting forms, popup windows, etc. By default, you should impose all available restrictions by using the sandbox attribute with no parameters, as shown in our previous example. Note : Sandboxing provides no protection if attackers can fool people into visiting malicious content directly outside an iframe.

If there's any chance that certain content may be malicious e. CSP stands for content security policy and provides a set of HTTP Headers metadata sent along with your web pages when they are served from a web server designed to improve the security of your HTML document. This can prevent other websites from embedding your content in their web pages which would enable clickjacking and a host of other attacks , which is exactly what the MDN developers have done, as we saw earlier on.

Obviously, it's rather out of scope for a full explanation in this article. Note : A plugin , in this context, refers to software that provides access to content the browser cannot read natively. However, you are unlikely to use these elements very much — Applets haven't been used for years, Flash is no longer very popular, due to a number of reasons see The case against plugins , below , PDFs tend to be better linked to than embedded, and other content such as images and video have much better, easier elements to handle those.

Plugins and these embedding methods are really a legacy technology, and we are mainly mentioning them in case you come across them in certain circumstances like intranets, or enterprise projects. If you find yourself needing to embed plugin content, this is the kind of information you'll need, at a minimum:.

Pretty horrible, isn't it? Flash was even used successfully as fallback content for HTML5 video, for a time, but this is increasingly being seen as not necessary. They do still tend to be popular in some circles, but it is much better to link to them so they can be downloaded or read on a separate page, rather than embedding them in a webpage.

Once upon a time, plugins were indispensable on the Web. Remember the days when you had to install Adobe Flash Player just to watch a movie online? And then you constantly got annoying alerts about updating Flash Player and your Java Runtime Environment.

Web technologies have since grown much more robust, and those days are over. Note: Due to its inherent issues and the lack of support for Flash, Adobe announced that they would stop supporting it at the end of As of January , most browsers block Flash content by default, and by December 31st of , all browsers will have completely removed all Flash functionality. So what should you do? Peter Elst was already writing some years ago that Adobe Flash is rarely the right tool for the job.

As for ActiveX, even Microsoft's Edge browser no longer supports it. You've reached the end of this article, but can you remember the most important information?

You can find some further tests to verify that you've retained this information before you move on — see Test your skills: Multimedia and embedding. The topic of embedding other content in web documents can quickly become very complex, so in this article, we've tried to introduce it in a simple, familiar way that will immediately seem relevant, while still hinting at some of the more advanced features of the involved technologies.

To start with, you are unlikely to use embedding for much beyond including third-party content like maps and videos on your pages. As you become more experienced, however, you are likely to start finding more uses for them. There are many other technologies that involve embedding external content besides the ones we discussed here.

We'll look at SVG in the next article of the module. Previous Overview: Multimedia and embedding Next. With the history lesson out of the way, let's move on and see how to use some of these. First, go to YouTube and find a video you like. Below the video, you'll find a Share button — select this to display the sharing options. Insert it into the Input box below, and see what the result is in the Output. For bonus points, you could also try embedding a Google Map in the example: Go to Google Maps and find a map you like.

Click on the "Hamburger Menu" three horizontal lines in the top left of the UI. Select the Share or embed map option. Using this isn't really recommended any more, as the same effect can be better achieved using border : none; in your CSS.

In this case, we have included a link to the page instead. IE 10 and above requests heightened security settings; we'll say more about this in the next section. Broaden your reach to everyone. Everyone has a browser, but plugins are increasingly rare, especially among mobile users. Give yourself a break from the extra accessibility headaches that come with Flash and other plugins. Stay clear of additional security hazards. Adobe Flash is notoriously insecure, even after countless patches.

Complete beginners start here! Getting started with the Web Getting started with the Web overview Installing basic software What will your website look like? A first splash into JavaScript What went wrong? Basic computer literacy, basic software installed , basic knowledge of working with files , familiarity with HTML fundamentals as covered in Getting started with HTML and the previous articles in this module.


Be sure to get all your homework done as soon as possible after class as this will lead to better grades. Professor Wei-Chi Yang. Remember: Be sure to get all your homework done as soon as possible after class as this will lead to better grades. Whitt ; Phone: The on-screen textbook can be downloaded from this link. Implicit Differentiation A flash Derivative of a polar equation A flash Course Contract We will cover some topics from chapters 3 and 4 for review. The main content for starts from chapter 5.

From object to iframe — other embedding technologies

If you can not enable Javascript, you will only be able to access the 'print materials' page in each module. Alternatively, if you have downloaded the packages to your own computer, you can find the important materials in the 'docs', 'pdf' and 'software' folders. These modules explore some of the pedagogical challenges that arise when introducing investigative, non-routine problem solving activities to the classroom. The modules are activity-based; built around a collection of example classroom activities.

It addresses ActionScript control of text,. This book offers. Choose the book you like when you register 4.

In mathematics education , virtual manipulatives are a relatively new technology modeled after existing manipulatives such as base ten blocks , coins , blocks , tangrams , rulers , fraction bars , algebra tiles , geoboards , geometric plane , and solids figures. They are usually in the form of Java or Flash applets. Virtual manipulatives allow teachers to allow for efficient use of multiple representations and to provide concrete models of abstract mathematical concepts for learners of mathematics. Many [ who? ELL students usually have trouble explaining what they are learning in mathematics classes.

About Virtual Manipulatives Page 1 of 3 has three sections:.

Calculus.org Resources For The Calculus Student

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Actionscript 3 Tutorials

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By now you should really be getting the hang of embedding things into your web pages, including images, video and audio.